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Ha.Mu Puts A Maximalist Spin On The Vogue Philippines Party’s Rewear Theme

Daniel Tan

The maximalist design duo take you on a journey through time with their standout “Rewear” ensembles.

Abraham “Ham” Guardian Excel Palanque
RJ Santos, Mamuro “Mamu” Oki, and Joseph Bagasao Excel Palanque

The Ha.Mu design duo, Abraham “Ham” Guardian and Mamuro “Mamu” Oki, brought a contemporary edge to the Vogue Philippines Party’s Red Carpet with their bold outfits that checked all the boxes of the evening’s Rewear theme, an invitation to dress sustainably.

The young designers, who had created the Ha.Mu peach cloud dress that adorns cover girl Chloe Magno in the Luzon cover of Vogue Philippines‘ Maiden Issue, took the maximalist route with their outfits at Xylo on August 28. In the similar style they’re known for, they also infused boundary-pushing elements into their ensembles.

Oki’s look was inspired by corals—a fuchsia assemblage that commanded an audience. He paired a pink Yana Kalaw chapeau with a number of other Ha.Mu creations, both from the brand’s ready-to-wear line and even exclusive items from a previous design competition. “My statement dress is from our Bench Design Awards 2018 Collection,” Mamu tells Vogue Philippines. “I was trying to reinvent the first version of the pink dress that was the main inspiration to the Vogue piece we did.”

Guardian’s ensemble, meanwhile, takes on a captivating interplay of textures. With patchwork, upcycled deconstructed garments, and a blend of bold colors and prints, the designer’s look was strikingly novel with notes of personality weaved through his attire. “I wanted to look like a disco ball to match my energy,” Guardian says. He even went through his school project archives and paired them with pants from Ha.Mu’s ready-to-wear line. His top and kimono, he shares, were nostalgic pieces that sparked joy and used often during his college days. He punctuated the outfit with a small tote tacked with sewn-on plushies.

With maximum attention to detail, their signature style shone through their Vogue Philippines Party attire—further proof that one’s sentimental pieces are timeless.

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