Along the Seine River, Nadine Lustre Taps Into Her Femininity And Reflects On Her Growth In Vogue Philippines’ March 2024 Issue

MICH DULCE dress and headpiece, MELISSA FARAH shoes. Photographed by Allyssa Heuzé for the March 2024 Issue of Vogue Philippines

Through the lens of videographer Marlon Gervacio, see how Nadine Lustre displays femininity, growth, and evolution in Vogue Philippines’ March 2024 issue.

Nadine Lustre fronts Vogue Philippines’ March 2024 issue, themed “Raising Hope” in the spirit of International Women’s Month. Visit everyday this month for daily features on inspiring women, as nominated by the people whose lives they’ve changed.

For centuries, the Seine river has attracted the likes of artists, writers, and poets with its tranquil waters and scenic landscapes. It only seems fitting for Nadine Lustre to walk alongside it, as a Renaissance woman who has evolved with her artistry throughout the years. From starring in small roles in local films and television shows, she has worked her way up to becoming an award-winning actress, musical artist, and one of the Philippines’ most beloved celebrities.

In Vogue Philippines’ March 2024 issue, Lustre embodies elegance and maturity, wearing pieces from Mich Dulce’s latest collection from last year’s Bench Fashion Week. The collection is looks back on Dulce’s 2002 runway presentation, which featured ruffled and draped elements, as well as historical silhouttes. Dulce also experimented with latex, a material often associated with sex and seuction. But Dulce took the material and presented it in a different light, designing draped pieces that both cling and flow along with the body. 

By the willow trees and flowing river, Lustre goes from wearing flowing black tulle to 3D-draped latex, a range of of ensembles that reflects her growth. “Nadine [wearing Dulce’s collection] delivers a poetic message of movement and progression, of maturity and evolution,” says fashion director Pam Quiñones. “Two formidable Filipino women coming together in a story that’s lensed by another Filipina is a celebration of the power of the dvine feminine, something that’s front and center in our March issue.”

On the topic of growth, Lustre emphasizes the role of life’s challenges. “We all go through something, and we all have to grow from it. I mean, it’s part of growing,” Lustre says in an interview last year. “Whatever it is that we go through, it’s essential to our growth, and as long as you keep accepting all of those challenges, you know, like, you keep growing and growing is inevitable, you can’t stop it from happening.”

In a fashion film captured by Marlon Gervacio, see how Lustre and Dulce explore femininity, growth, and evolution through their masterful skills as artists. Watch the film below or on Vogue Philippines’ official social media pages.

Photographs by ALLYSSA HEUZÉ. Fashion Director:PAM QUIÑONES. Makeup: Miki Matsunaga. Hair: Paul Nebres. Talent: Nadine Lustre. Producer: Anz Hizon. Production Assistant: Julia Magsino. Photographer’s Assistant: Emil Kosuge.

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