Jessica Wang Is All About The “Healthy Habits”

Jessica Wang Is All About The “Healthy Habits”

Image courtesy of Jessica Wang

The New York-based influencer’s wellness routine includes practicing gratitude, reading self-help books, and “celebrating the little wins.”

“My favorite used to be having a glass of wine,” TikTok star Jessica Wang tells Vogue of her former preferred decompressing ritual. These days, it’s all about meditation and reading, though she still tries to sneak in a chore as she unwinds. “I’m doing a lot of audiobooks because you can multitask—you can do laundry while [catching] up on books,” she beams over Zoom.

The New York-based content creator had always been accustomed to a fast-paced lifestyle as a former investment banker-turned-globe-trotting fashionista. Wang shot to TikTok stardom—buoyed by her 5.1 million followers—for the extravagant dresses she debuts attending fashion weeks or working the red carpet at Cannes, as well as her aspirational lifestyle packaged in quirky content. But perhaps her most-anticipated posts are her posing tutorials, which garner the most engagement. “You always have to find a way to engage your audience and keep pivoting,” she says of her approach to social media, though the relentless content production left her wanting for a respite. “We never really had a break. Even during the pandemic, I was at home but I wasn’t taking care of  myself. I was busy producing content,” she says.

Slowing down is a new practice Wang is learning. Departing from her “go, go, go” lifestyle, the influencer is honing in on what she finds enjoyable and prioritizing self-care, which, she muses, is “really just being more selfish.” So the mom-of-two is looking to take care of herself to better take care of her family. Another habit she’s learned is practicing gratitude. “Celebrate the little wins, so you are grateful for each day and every day is an accomplishment.”

For the Chinese-American, self-care was never a focus in her household. “I didn’t grow up in a culture where you take care of yourself. In Asian culture, it’s more about being selfless and providing for others,” she recalls, adding, “What I learned from my mom is being hard-working, being able to multitask, and finding passion in everything you do.” As she’s learning to pause more, she’s also imparting new belief systems about mental health and self-care to her kids—who even join her in her daily skincare routines. “Now they’re so into the whole regimen. They have a morning and an evening regimen!” 

A mother, fitness enthusiast, and more recently, the portrait of wellness—Wang shows you all the tricks up her sleeve to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle. Below, she discusses how she’s “never worked out” in her life until recently, her beauty routine, and building confidence.

Image courtesy of Jessica Wang

What is your wellness philosophy?

It’s easy to neglect both our mental and physical health at times, especially in the last few years. Wellness for me is about creating and maintaining healthy habits that ultimately enhance one’s sense of self to make you feel your best. 

What is your fitness routine?

It’s something really new to me because I’ve never worked out in my life before. This month, I hit a point where I wanted to get my life organized. So I started eating better and I hired a trainer for both me and my husband. We work out twice a week, and we mostly do HIIT workouts. It’s very intense, but I really feel and see the results—not only physically, but mentally as well. 

It’s important to establish a set time of the day during the week to exercise. Whether that means going to the gym or simply taking a long walk, setting that time for yourself to be active helps clear your mind and be more in tune with your body. 

On Instagram, you talked about resetting your motivation. How do you keep on being motivated to exercise?

The key is not to do too much all at once. Even if I do a little bit, it’s better than before when I was doing nothing. When I’m eating just a little bit healthier and replacing all the junk food and take-out, I’m already progressing from where I was. To me, it’s baby steps and it’s something that you can really stick with.

Are there specific exercises that you find particularly challenging?

Cardio is really hard for me, I just don’t have the endurance! I remember I used to go on trips with my husband, walk up a hill, and be so out of breath. I can see that my endurance is definitely building up. My favorite exercises are core exercises. 

How do you stay mentally and spiritually aligned?

At the end of the night, I reflect on what I have achieved versus my goals. A lot of times, we’re always chasing for something bigger that we forget that we’re making so much progress by just looking back and giving [ourselves] a pat on the shoulder. That really helps me to be grounded and to continue to progress. 

What do you want to teach your children about mental health?

It’s really important for me to have a genuine conversation with them. I always tell them that no matter how they feel or what they want to do, they can come and talk to me. I think that’s the important thing to have—that direct communication—and not to judge your kids on anything. 

What does self-care mean to you?

Self-care is really just being more selfish. You want to be focusing on yourself. In the past, I always focused all my time on my business, on my family, and I felt like I was so mentally drained. I couldn’t even remember the last time I took a bubble bath. We’d go on trips but it was always for work. It was never enjoyable for me. I think self-care is really finding that balance and to find something that you enjoy. The better you take care of yourself, the more you can give to your family and the world. 

You teach people how to pose and take selfies. That’s such a power move. How did you build your confidence?

Through trial and error, really. When you do social media, people will criticize you and, a lot of times, they will have different types of feedback. You have to be okay with blacking out certain things and learn to grow thick skin. Over the years, I’ve become stronger as a person and negative comments don’t affect me nearly as much. I can’t say it doesn’t affect me at all, but I’m not phased by it anymore. I think being out at events and networking with people really helps me with my confidence. 

What is your beauty signature?

I love a good skincare routine, especially at night. I usually do anywhere from five to nine steps and my kids join me as well. Now they’re so into the whole regimen—they have a morning and an evening regimen. 

I love Augustinus Bader. I love their rich cream and Lancôme has so many amazing products and I love their rose collection. They smell amazing and they work so well. I love the serum. 

What is your best-kept beauty secret?

It’s not necessarily a secret, but wearing sunscreen daily and using a quality Vitamin C serum are my two must haves. I never travel without it and it’s really something that everyone should use. One of my favorite sunscreens is Lancome’s UV Expert Defense 50+ Primer & Moisturizer. 

Do you have a beauty trick?

One rule I definitely live by is investing in good quality brushes and making sure to clean them. It really makes such a difference when applying and blending your makeup.

As a minority in a dominantly white space, do you find yourself owning your Asian-ness more?

Definitely. Right now, the Asian space is still quite small. You feel like you have this responsibility to really have a voice and to really represent your people and also to really enhance your voice.

How about beauty-wise, do you find yourself accentuating your Asian features?

When I first moved to the U.S., I was definitely not very confident especially when I looked at my features. Compared to Caucasian features, I looked so different. There was a time I dyed my hair blonde and I really wanted to change certain things and ideas. Now, I love my features. I love my eyes. They are small but they’re unique. I love that my nose isn’t so pointy and I feel like this society is changing too and so many people are chasing the Asian beauty standard now. 

Image courtesy of Jessica Wang

This interview has been condensed for clarity.

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