Sleep Better With Your Partner With This Scandinavian Method

Is This Scandinavian Sleep Method the Key To a Healthy Relationship?

In romantic movies, the couple always falls asleep cuddled together—but in reality, going to sleep is far from bliss for many couples. Science has lauded benefits of sleeping with your significant other: your brain releases oxytocin for major mental health advantages (lower stress and anxiety, higher satisfaction with life), you’ll have better orgasms

Yet sleeping close to the person we love is good for our mental health. In this state of relaxation and well-being, the brain releases oxytocin, also known as the “love or happiness hormone,” which helps instill a sense of calm and security, and so also helps us sleep better.

Nevertheless, sharing a bed with a partner can cause discomfort for some, discomfort and even quarrels in the couple. After all, each of us has certain needs and habits, which do not necessarily coincide with those of the other person. The solution lies in finding ways to meet the needs of both, and this is where the Scandinavian method comes in, which helps to sleep better together as a couple.

It’s Just One Step: Reconfigure Your Bed

According to this Scandinavian practice, which is very different from the habits of Southern Europe and America, you need to change the way we think about bedding. Divide the bed into two distinctly separate sections: Each person has their own single comforter and blankets so they can both create a microclimate suitable to their sleeping style (hot sleepers and cold-sleepers actually can coexist!!) and can toss and turn freely throughout the night. 

The Benefits

Having separate comforters has many advantages, and according to Scandinavians, it’s essential for a functional sleep experience.

  • One can choose the warmth level of the comforter. If your partner is very warm and you are cold, everyone can choose the comforter they want to sleep well
  • Each person has their own covers to move freely and not create discomfort for their partner as they change positions during the night

Selecting Bedding

Sleeping in the Scandinavian style means you will also need to reprogram the way you make your bed. Starting at the base: The bottom sheet remain the same. 

Next is where the personalization begins. If you’re insistent on having a top sheet, it will be easier to have on that’s half the size of your mattress (so if you have a double, select ones sized for a single bed), that way you and your partner can start the choose-your-own-bedding adventure. 

When it comes to fabrics. let logic lead the way. Cold sleepers will like fabrics like cotton and flannel; warm sleepers will find relief in linen. 

When it comes to comforters, there are specially-made blends depending on your desire. Hypoallergenic, overstuffed to super-cuddle those who get cold, light and fluffy for those who run hot. Make your bed with the two single comforters laid out flat, touching the the middle of the bed. To streamline the look, top with a quilt or additional comforter with cover. 

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