Unveiling Beauty: Puig and PhotoVogue Celebrate Artistic Talent at the PhotoVogue Festival

Togo Yeye

Togo Yeye

Exploring the intersection of ethics and aesthetics in fashion photography through collaboration and innovation

On the occasion of the eighth edition of the PhotoVogue Festival—the first conscious fashion photography festival dedicated to the common ground between ethics and aesthetics—PhotoVogue teams up with Puig, a third-generation family-owned beauty and fashion business based in Barcelona. Their ecosystem comprises a portfolio of distinctive luxury fashion and fragrance brands such as, for example, Carolina Herrera, Rabanne, Jean Paul Gaultier, Dries Van Noten, Nina Ricci, Byredo and Charlotte Tilbury. Puig shares the same values as our global platform, including creativity, integrity, and a passion for innovation. As a house of Love Brands, Puig promotes well-being, confidence, and self-expression through curiosity, energy, and enthusiasm.

Monument á la Femme by Joan Miro,1970. He used the image of a soap bar to create a sculpture
Puig Barcelona Head Office, Pl. d’Europa, 46, 48, 08902 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, during night time
Perfumery Center, Puig Barcelona Head Office

Since its establishment in 1914 by Antonio Puig Castelló, the company has been a challenger in the beauty and fashion world, always striving for excellence. As a family business, Puig aims to leave a sustainable business and a better world for the next generation. The goal is reflected in its adherence to the 2030 ESG agenda. This agenda was consciously set as a roadmap to achieve challenging and ambitious goals covering its entire value chain, footprint and brand portfolio while aligning the strategy with the most important international standards.

PhotoVogue and Puig are driven by researching and valuing the best ideas for shaping the future. Our mutual desire is to support diverse artists in pursuing their creative passions and turning their ideas into reality, with the aim of dismantling stereotypes and fostering a more inclusive worldview nourished by different perspectives.

In particular, as the festival partner, Puig is committed to amplifying the excellent results of the Global Open Call ‘What is Beauty,’ which engaged numerous talented photographers from around the world in exploring the definition of beauty today.

From over 5,000 applications received, an international jury of experts – renowned personalities from the visual world – have identified 40 highly talented artists who will exhibit their works at BASE Milano in November. Among them, PhotoVogue and Puig have identified two artists who will have the opportunity to create a new photographic project based on our shared values, to be exhibited at the PhotoVogue Festival 2023.

The two chosen artists, Delali Ayivi and Malaika Nabillah of the Togo Yeye duo, are part of a photography-led project celebrating Togolese artists and thinkers. Established in 2019 by Malaika Nabillah and Delali Ayivi based in Lomè, Togo Yeye aims to document and promote those who push the boundaries of creativity while supporting young Togolese talents through their involvement in creative productions. Their collaborative work empowers their creative community at home and in the diaspora through vibrant and colorful fashion photographs.

Togo Yeye

Silvana Trevale, born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, is known for her portrait-based work that blends elements of documentary and fashion photography. She seeks to celebrate the intrinsic beauty of the human body, her Latin American roots, womanhood, youthhood, and the realities of people around her. Her photographs are characterized by an authentic portrayal of her subjects, often illuminated by natural light.

Silvana Trevale
Silvana Trevale
Silvana Trevale

Through the visionary and innovative perspectives of these artists, Puig and PhotoVogue look to the future with foresight and curiosity, aiming to leave behind a significant legacy—a more aware and inclusive society.

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