“Global Open Call: What Is Beauty?” The Results Are In!

PhotoVogue unveils the selected artists for the main exhibition at the PhotoVogue Festival and announces the recipients of the grants.

PhotoVogue is excited to announce the results of its highly anticipated “Global Open Call: What Is Beauty.” Artists from around the world were invited to challenge traditional beauty norms through their visual creations.

The response to the call was truly remarkable, with over 5,000 submissions pouring in from talented visual storytellers across 134 countries. Each submission offered a unique perspective on beauty, showcasing the diversity and inclusivity that PhotoVogue stands for. From realistic to fantastical, from documentary-inspired to dreamy, the submissions embodied a wide range of visual aesthetics.

distinguished jury, consisting of Condé Nast staff from all over the world and experts from the international visual community, had the challenging task of selecting the featured artists.

These exceptional artists will have their work showcased in the main exhibition at the upcoming edition of the PhotoVogue Festival in Milan, taking place from November 16th to 19th.

The quality and diversity of the submissions were unparalleled, making the selection process incredibly difficult. We sincerely wish we could have featured more artists, as the talent displayed was truly outstanding.

In addition to the main exhibition, we will also be highlighting the works of 13 artists who received widespread acclaim in our A.I.-generated image submissions. While this medium differs from traditional photography, it is crucial to explore the festival’s theme, “What Makes Us Human? Image in the Age of A.I.,” and showcase these unique creations.

We are proud to announce that the two artists who submitted the most compelling and impactful work, Luisa Dorr and Sarfo Emmanuel Annor, will each receive a $5,000 grant to support their artistic journeys and further their growth. We have conducted exclusive interviews with these talented individuals, allowing you to delve deeper into their work and stories.

We want to express our gratitude to all the participants of this year’s Open Call for their visionary contributions. We encourage you to continue engaging with PhotoVogue through our various channels and activations, such as NFTs and the Local Open Call. If you weren’t selected for this particular theme, please remember that it does not diminish your talent as an artist.

Discover the selected artists and their captivating work for this year’s Global Open Call:

– The 40 artists

– The A.I. artists

To learn more about our grant recipients and explore their inspiring work, please follow these links:

– Interview with Luisa Dorr

– Interview with Sarfo Emmanuel Annor

Stay tuned as we will soon unveil the artists selected for this year’s Digital Portfolio Reviews.

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