Small Laude Launches Skincare Brand ‘Small Steps Skin’

Small Steps, Big Leaps: Small Laude On Launching Her Own Skincare Brand

Photo by Makie Cruz

Small Laude takes her first few steps into the skincare industry with the launch of “Small Steps Skin.”

If you’re an avid follower of Small Laude’s content, you would know that there’s nothing “small” about her lifestyle and personality. A quick look at her YouTube videos alone gives viewers a glimpse into her busy and thriving life full of fashion, her family life, and her travel adventures. Though her life may be filled with opulence and glamor, this is not what draws her followers in. Ultimately, the real star of her vlogs is her personality and charm, bringing a captivated audience of over two million subscribers on YouTube.

Photo by Makie Cruz
Photo by Makie Cruz

Coming from an entrepreneurial family, Laude is no stranger to launching businesses. Together with her husband Philippe Laude, Small began their own printing company Timson Printing, and brokerage firm Timson Securities. The socialite-turned-content creator is now taking big leaps, venturing into the skincare industry with the launch of her brand “Small Steps Skin.” In an exclusive interview with Vogue Philippines, Laude shares her insights on beauty, skincare, and the story behind Small Steps Skin.

VOGUE PHILIPPINES: What was your skincare journey? What was your relationship with your skin and how did it evolve through the years? How did these experiences prompt you to build your skincare brand?

SMALL LAUDE: Growing up, I’ve always been passionate about skincare, particularly with the appearance of my face. Throughout the years I have tried multiple brands, some of which are complicated to use and have damaged my skin. At times, I have experienced redness and pigmentation of my skin which I really hate. After finding the perfect products and routine I finally stuck to that for the rest of my life. I was given lots of compliments on how great my skin is, so I was asked by my friends how I kept this kind of skin. This inspired me to share my passion with others and help them out. Thus I decided to start my own skincare brand, Small Steps Skin.

Photo by Makie Cruz

What is the story behind Small Steps Skin? What was the process like for building your brand? What were the biggest challenges and lessons that you faced throughout your journey? What were you the most worried about during the process?

When I wanted to start my skincare brand, I had three important brand pillars I wanted to touch on. Firstly I want my products to be suitable for everyone and all skin types. Second, I wanted it to be a powerful formula that delivers great results made from proven ingredients. Last but not least, I wanted it to be simple to understand for everyone and something that will be incorporated into people’s daily routines.

The process of conceptualizing was one of the toughest challenges I faced when creating this brand because of the three pillars that I wanted to incorporate into the brand. It also took my team multiple batches of sampling before we got the perfect formulation.

One of the biggest lessons I learned was attention to detail when my team and I were conceptualizing the products I would offer. Two other lessons I have learned were perseverance and innovation. I was most worried about ensuring product efficacy and not being able to incorporate the brand pillars.

Photo by Makie Cruz

Coming from a business background, what made you venture into the skincare industry? What are the things that you felt the skincare market lacked?

Throughout the years, my friends have been telling me that my skin is great and it inspired me to share this passion I have with everyone. In the skincare industry, I felt that it was intimidating for people to step in with the complicated routines and the multiple ingredients that an average person would not understand. I incorporated these issues into my brand for people to understand skincare easily and that the products I will offer are suitable for everyone with the best ingredients available.

For you, what is the most important thing to know about skincare?

The most important thing to know about skincare is consistency and it should be incorporated into everyone’s daily routine.

The most important steps I take in my daily routine involve cleansing, and applying toner and sunscreen during the day, while at night I cleanse, applying serum and moisturizer. I cherish the simplicity and efficacy of the products I use, which provide noticeable results without excessive steps.

Small Steps Skin highlights “skinimalism” and “going back to the basics.” What do these things mean for you?

“Skinimalism” and going back to the basics signify embracing simplicity in skincare. I chose to emphasize these in my skincare brand as I aim to encourage individuals to achieve healthy skin without overwhelming routines. We focused on minimal yet effective formulations that prioritize skin health.

With the launch of Small Steps Skin, I hope consumers will discover the joy of simplified skincare that provides excellent results. Our brand’s mission is to help people feel their best selves and build sustainable habits.

Photo by Makie Cruz
Photo by Makie Cruz

Throughout our lives, we have varying needs and desires for what our skin should look like. For you, what are the things that you are focusing on with your skin?

I focus on skin health, hydration, and having bright skin.

As a woman and a public figure, do you feel pressured to fit into beauty standards? What does beauty mean for you now?

As a public figure, I do face pressure to conform to beauty standards, however, I always embrace individuality and authenticity. Beauty for me is about feeling confident and comfortable in one’s skin and appearance. I admire those who promote self-acceptance and diversity in beauty.

Photo by Makie Cruz
Photo by Makie Cruz

Your skincare brand may be starting small right now, but what are the big leaps you hope to take in the future?

While we’re a small brand right now, our vision is to be a leading name in promoting skin health and simplicity in skincare, while providing high-quality products to our consumers. We also want to expand our product line that offers different ingredients that will be suitable for specific needs.

Photos by Makie Cruz, sittings by Chelsea Sarabia

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