Get Ready With Miss Universe R’Bonney Gabriel

Recreate the model and beauty queen’s go-to Miss Universe pageant look as she shares her daily beauty routine.

Looking at R’Bonney Gabriel, you wouldn’t think she was ever at a loss on how to do her makeup. But as the reigning Miss Universe will tell you, it took some time to get her look right. 

“I took maybe three or four [lessons], because I didn’t know how to do my makeup at all. And then after I took my lessons, I would go home and practice every Friday until I could get it down good,” admits Gabriel in her exclusive “get ready with me” (GRWM) video for Vogue Philippines

The lessons helped the model and beauty queen had to do her own makeup throughout the Miss Universe pageant. In this GRWM video, Gabriel shares the makeup routine she did for the competition’s daily events, from rehearsals to press days and dinners. 

The 28-year-old shows how to achieve her long-wear Miss Universe look that takes her from day to night. Focusing largely on her base, she takes her time building her complexion makeup and her contours, keeping the lines soft and blended. Warm browns complement her hazel eyes, a light peach blush adds color to her cheeks, and a little highlighter emphasizes the top of her cheekbones. She rounds up the look with a pink-beige glossy lip. “I change up the color depending on what I’m wearing that day, but this is my go-to lip that I do mostly all the time,” she says. 

Gabriel also uses the time when she’s getting ready to get herself into the right mood for the day. “When I’m doing my makeup I don’t know about y’all but I like listening to music that hypes me up if I know I need to go somewhere and bring the energy, or if I’m about to go into an interview or really just expand my mind, I love listening to podcasts or interviews on successful people and listening to how they got to where they are,” she shares. “So at Miss Universe, that’s what I was doing: either listening to Beyonce’s new album, getting fired up in the zone, or listening to a podcast and feeling motivated for the day.

Follow along Gabriel’s GRWM video and recreate this day-to-night look and learn more about her routine in this video. 

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