J. Rey Soul Shares Her Self-Care Rituals While On Tour

Photograph by Sami Khantache.

The Billboard Music Awards winner shares that taking care of one’s health doesn’t stop in the fast lane.

With back-to-back shows, world tours, and a life on flights, nothing feels more exhilarating for J. Rey Soul than the opportunity to catch her breath and slow down. “I prioritize sleep, because you know, I’m a singer, I need to take care of my voice, my vocal health,” the newest member of the Black Eyed Peas says. “I make sure I have a humidifier–which I didn’t bring today, especially I’m in Vegas–and, you know, I workout, and do the steam and sauna, and pray before I get on stage.” 

In collaboration with her LA-based Filipino dermatologist, J.Rey has curated a collection of self-care tools as part of her travel essentials. Her doctor’s orders consist of using a two-step facial mask on board to minimize the appearance of pimples, a twin set of gold crescent eye patches to treat her eye bags, and a few swipes of lip moisturizer to keep her lips supple. She also throws in a splash of her hydrating mist, a product she considers a “lifesaver” on air and on stage. “You just gotta do extra when you’re on tour, because being on a plane, it dries you out,” the talent explains as she espouses these practices along with drinking copious amounts of water and maintaining a healthy diet. 

As the homegrown singer consults with her makeup artist on tour, the two recount how to achieve J.Rey’s look in the limelight: “Bronzy. Fresh. Luscious,” as she would put it. Hydration sits at the core of their routine. J.Rey’s artist primes the skin with a moisturizer. “But I prefer to use serums the most,” he says, “We do like to keep the face less oily, less shiny, no sweating.” The artist uses a supersetter spray for a long-lasting effect and a plumping primer with electrolytes to keep the skin happy and hydrated. 

Nudes, naturals, and neutrals classify her makeup. “On stage, we like to keep it fresh and young,” the 25 year-old would describe as she notes her favorite products. For the face, she begins with Lancôme’s Ultra Wear and Care Glow Foundation to get a full coverage. After applying her concealer, the star adds shine to her canvas with swipes of highlighters. To add drama to her eyes, the artist is never without her faux lashes on. For lips, she lets colors close to her natural tone take over in a combination of see-through glosses and lip liners that help make the lips pop out. 

“Every time I get on that stage, I just know what I want to look like and how I want people to see [me],” the artist shares, confident in conquering a new stage every night. 

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