How To Build A “Wellness Mini-Bar”

Photo by Molawin Evangelista

Photo by Molawin Evangelista

Yoga teacher Maricar Cristina Holopainen shares a curated collection for two of the most sacred rituals.

Sleep, in its purest form, is not just a physiological necessity but a retreat for the mind and soul. In the incessant rhythm of modern life, the quality of our rest often suffers, impacting both our physical health and mental clarity. Begin and end your day with a grounding yoga practice. Over time, this yoga ritual becomes a soothing prelude to sleep, signaling to our internal systems that it’s time to transition from the chaos of wakefulness to the sanctity of slumber. As the breath deepens and the heart rate steadies through each asana, the boundaries between consciousness and dream blur, guiding us gently into the embrace of rejuvenating rest.

Slow down and allow yourself to be more present at the moment. For Cristina, this habit allows you to invest in what is essential. Here, the School of Yoga in the Philippines co-founder, and Maruia River Retreat general manager and retreat facilitator suggests items in your mini-bar as an ode to modern luxury, celebrating both physical and mental well-being. 

Vogue Philippines: October 2023 Issue


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