Matilda Djerf Shares Passion For Good Hair Through Djerf Beauty

The Secret To Achieving Matilda Djerf’s Signature Farrah Fawcett Hair


Known for her voluminous blonde waves, Matilda Djerf’s hair is a constant source of inspiration. Nicknamed “The Djerf,” her hairstyle is characterized by cascading, full-bodied layers that are effortlessly cool and endlessly imitated. Djerf now solidifies herself as haircare authority with her new line Djerf Beauty, finally giving fans the tools to achieve her enviable mane. 

Volume, movement and a great set of bangs: so often the holy trinity when it comes to amazing hair. Look no further than the Instagram account of Swedish-born content creator, Matilda Djerf, for stellar evidence of all three. Serving her three million followers snaps of her modern Farrah Fawcett hair – complete with flicked-out bangs, sun-kissed blonde and layers – on the regular, now she is launching hair products.

“I’ve never really had hair products that I genuinely love, from companies that I believe in and who have the same values as me, and with the right kinds of ingredients,” she tells me over video call. “I’ve always expressed myself through hair, it’s always been my thing, so I created the line for purely selfish reasons! I’m really passionate about good hair.”

Djerf Beauty Breezy Styling Mist.
The On The Go Styling Gel.

Set to launch on 27 March, the Djerf Beauty line will consist of a Breezy Styling Mist and On The Go Styling Gel – the perfect duo to aid Djerf and her loyal following on the path to hairstyle nirvana. “These are the two products I’ve really been missing from my routine, and they cater to my go-to hairstyles,” she explains. “I always either have a blowout or do a sleek bun, and before [I made them] I’d have to use two or three products to achieve each look. Now I can do them using just one.”

Housed in chic, post-consumer recycled packaging, the paraben and silicone-free vegan formulas are created for all hair types and textures, and can be used in different ways. For those snatched, slicked-back styles that are so popular right now, the hair gel blends aloe vera, marula seed oil, glycerin and squalane to create a super shiny finish – without weighing hair down and making it greasy, as many similar formulas do. “We created a gel – not a pomade, cream or wax – because you can layer it up depending on how much hold you want. When you brush your hair out at the end of the day, it doesn’t leave a residue – your hair isn’t doomed after a day of wearing it!” Her secret to the ultimate slick finish? A boar bristle brush.

Fotograf Maja Johansson Production ABMaja Johansson

The Breezy Styling Mist promotes fullness and a soft, textured finish, while also acting as a heat protectant. With sunflower seed extract, aloe vera, hydrolysed wheat protein and panthenol, it’s a super lightweight formula that nourishes the hair while adding that all-important oomph. It is, says Djerf, the key to her signature hairstyle.

What else, I ask her, is involved in achieving showstopping locks like hers? “Layers! Layers are essential if you want to achieve the swoosh-like fringe and flicked-out pieces around the face – because if you just have one long piece of hair, the hair won’t lift in the way you want it to,” she says. “I always ask for layers, and then obviously I have my bangs – I’ve had them since 2017 and now there’s no going back!” Alongside her bangs, she also always ensures there are shorter pieces of hair that fall out of an up-do to help frame her face.

Djerf is also a big advocate of the Dyson Air Wrap: “It’s so good and easy to use – I always use the big barrels and curl the hair in different directions, doing one piece of hair in, and one out, so they don’t go the same way and look too perfect,” she says. “It’s how to achieve a messy look.” Prepping her hair with the Djerf Beauty styling mist, she then lets her curls cool off and brushes through them to loosen everything up and make hair look lived-in.

As for the Scandi blonde she does so well, it gets naturally lighter in the sun (what else would you expect from a Swede?), but she also swears by balayage highlights, hand-painted by her hairstylist Amalia, who “achieves the perfect honey-blonde colour”. Her inspo? “Photos of me when I was a kid – I had this hair colour!” she says. “She always gets it to look exactly the same as it did when I was growing up.”

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