5 Different Bangs And Fringes That You Would See In 2024

Bangs Will Be Big In 2024: Here Are 5 Of The Best Fringes

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The start of a new year is the perfect time to try out a new hairstyle, and probably the easiest way to switch up your look is to opt for bangs. There is a fringe for every face, regardless of shape or hair type – discover five versions you’ll see everywhere in 2024.

Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs are a good option, not just because they are relatively long and so grow out quickly, but also because they flatter every face, regardless of shape. Different parts of the face can be accentuated, depending on where the ends fall. Those that extend to the corners of your mouth, as seen on actor Priyanka Chopra, will draw focus to the lips. Cheekbones are emphasised when the bangs reach the tip of the nose. And those that sit above the eyes – like Dakota Johnson’s bangs – make them stand out.

“Curtain bangs act as a frame for the face,” explains hairstylist Maximilian Meyer. According to Meyer, curtain bangs work best in normal to full hair that has a slight wave. If it’s too straight or fine, he says, it may not have the necessary bounce to pull the look off. His top styling tip is to use a round brush when blow drying.

Wispy bangs

The Y2K revival continues, so it’s no surprise that trending hairstyles from the early Noughties are once again making their presence felt. One look that is currently popular with stars such as Nina Dobrev and Phoebe Tonkin? Wispy bangs that fall loosely over the face and let your forehead peek through. The advantage of these bangs is that, as with curtain bangs, it is easy to let them grow out if you want to try another look.

Be aware, however, that ultra-fine bangs can quickly become greasy. To prevent this from happening, spray some dry shampoo onto your hair immediately after washing. The familiar phrase that “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” is true in this case. Wispy bangs help to soften faces that are particularly angular and striking. “This look is suitable for almost any texture of hair,” says Meyer.

Baby bangs

Baby bangs are a popular variation on the wispy fringe, but significantly shorter. Nicola Peltz Beckham has embraced the look, wearing her mini bangs so short that her eyebrows are visible. Cut with an irregular touch, her bangs felt soft and flattering, rather than harsh – a good thing to be aware of when trying the look yourself.

Meyer explains: “These bangs are particularly suitable for people with smaller faces, who might get lost behind heavy, full bangs. Baby bangs are very easy to style: all you need is a product that gives your hair a rough texture, like a wax or styling powder that you can work in with your fingers to accentuate the strands, and let the forehead peek out here and there.”

Full bangs

Any article about bangs has to include Taylor Swift – the singer has made the style her trademark. She usually wears her fringe wide and straight, but also wears her natural curls too on occasion. “The look particularly suits angular, striking faces. If you have a high forehead, full bangs can visually shorten the face. People with small faces should also avoid this type of fringe because the face can end up looking compressed,” notes Meyer. He recommends using a paddle brush to blow-dry your bangs downwards to get them flat, then alternating to the right and left, and finally very lightly shaping them over a round brush. “This will create natural volume,” he adds.

Side-swept bangs

As mentioned, the Y2K revival is coming for your hairstyle: side-swept bangs are yet another look from the era trending right now. Favoured by Heidi Klum and Lily Collins, this fringe looks a bit like its been blown to the side by the wind, and works particularly well if you want your bangs to grow out. You’ll just want to fix them in place with a little hairspray or they may keep falling into your eyes.

This article was originally published on British Vogue.

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