Baths Are Out And #ShowerTok Is Trending. Here’s How To Have The Ultimate Power Shower

Emma Hardy

It feels like almost every day a new phrase enters our lexicon, and in recent weeks, it’s safe to say the “everything shower” is high up on the list of new terminology we need to know. Its ubiquitousness is probably no surprise given baths are on the decline, with only a dwindling 32 per cent of Brits still preferring baths over showers, according to a recent survey.

On the flip side, showers, including those “everything showers”, are experiencing a boom. Pinterest revealed a huge year-on-year increase for shower-related searches on its website, with the term “shower routine aesthetic” rising by 460 per cent. And over on TikTok, #ShowerTok has reached more than 6.1 billion views, making it one of the platform’s most searched-for terms of 2023. Although showers are energy and cost efficient compared to baths, sensible water consumption is still something we all need to be mindful of. With that in mind, it pays to strategise your power shower. Here’s how.

Pre-shower preparation

Make the most of your time under the water by tackling certain tasks pre-shower. A pre-shampoo treatment is a must for rescuing dry, brittle or broken hair. Soak your strands in something like Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer, which nourishes hair and improves its condition, strength and shininess.

While that’s working its magic, it’s time to body brush. Using a long-handled brush (important for reaching between your shoulder blades), brush firmly in long, smooth strokes over dry skin, working upwards towards your heart. This not only exfoliates the top layer of dead cells to reveal softer, smoother skin underneath, it also stimulates blood flow and the lymphatic system, which in turn improves immune health.

Pre-shower is the best time to apply a face mask, too, as it can be rinsed off under the water without any mess. Depending on your skin concerns, plump for whichever formula you like, although the skin-softening steam from the shower will up the ante of declogging clay-based masks. The Outset’s Purifying Blue Clay Mask helps remove impurities and brighten the complexion.

Under-the-water routine

If your skin needs some extra buffing once you’re under the water, then go in with another exfoliator. We like Naturium’s The Perfector Salicylic Body Wash, which combines cleansing properties with the sloughing benefits of salicylic acid, a BHA which helps to unclog pores. If you prefer your products to be more pamper

ing than perfunctory, try a shower oil. Diptyque’s Do Son Shower Oil is a heady concoction of tuberose and orange leaves and really helps an “everything shower” live up to its name. It also makes a great partner for a luxe shaving routine and leaves skin feeling hydrated and supple – ideal if you’re pushed for moisturising time post-shower. Meanwhile, Augustinus Bader’s latest launch combines style and substance. The Body Cleanser uses the brand’s signature TFC8 technology to target, treat and clean the skin on your body, too.

Although experts tell you to avoid it, cleansing your face in the shower is a habit most of us indulge in. To save your skin from drying out or becoming irritated by overly hot water, turn the temperature right down while you cleanse and always remove product carefully with a clean washcloth to avoid dragging the delicate skin. Elemental Herbology’s Five Elements Vital Cleanse helps improve the tone and texture of skin while imbuing it with radiance. If you can manage it, keeping the water cool (or, better still, cold) until the very end is an excellent way to finish your shower and boost endorphins.

Once your hair mask is rinsed off, go in with a scalp scrub to rid your follicles of any excess product build up. Ouai’s Scalp & Body Scrub is a heavenly scented multitasker powered with probiotics to help maintain scalp health. And to elevate your shampoo and conditioner to power shower status? Look to Sam McKnight’s Cool Girl Volume Shampoo and Conditioner, which deliver volume, body and thickness after just one wash.

This article was originally published on British Vogue.

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