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Y.O.U Beauty Releases a New Vegan Alternative to Skincare

Photo courtesy of Y.O.U Beauty

For the sensitivities of Asian skin types, the beauty brand unveils the Y.O.U Golden Age Series as a response to the challenges of conventional skincare regimens

The art of skincare has always been a personal journey. No two sets of skin are the same, and the relationship people have toward their skin is unique from person to person. This dynamic also changes drastically depending on the environment, with a near infinite combination of characteristics that range from dry, to sensitive. 

With every person having an individual approach to their skincare, some profiles are often more difficult to maintain than others. For many Asian ethnicities, the issues of oily, sensitive, and combination skin make it a challenge for the common person to find a routine that best suits their skin type. This heightened sensitivity can lead to more irritation, scarring, and being more prone to acne, as the dermis is more susceptible to the elements. 

In catering to an Asian derma profile, Y.O.U Beauty has developed formulations that attempt to remedy the issues faced by Asian ethnicities when it comes to their beauty regimen. Given the skin type’s more delicate nature, the cosmetics brand had shifted their focus toward their ingredients when developing collections; balancing safety, efficacy, and natural extracts.

The YOU Beauty Golden Age Refining Serum Photo courtesy of YOU Beauty
The YOU Beauty Golden Age 2 in 1 Essence Photo courtesy of YOU Beauty

For their latest collection, Y.O.U Beauty sets their sights on providing an alternative to retinol, a classic yet abrasive skincare ingredient for those prone to irritation. Bakuchiol, a plant-based extract, is derived from the seeds of the Psoralea corylifolia (also known as the Babchi Plant). This serves as the brand’s introduction toward a new vegan alternative due to its high antioxidant properties and collagen stimulating characteristics, the heart of the Y.O.U Golden Age Series. 

Their latest collection features Bakuchiol alongside other natural, plant-based elements in its formulation. The first in the series is the Y.O.U Golden Age 2 in 1 Essence, which hydrates and strengthens the skin’s outer layer. Among these properties, the essence also includes Niacinamide, a gentle brightening ingredient that helps give skin a more radiant appearance.

The collection also includes the Y.O.U Golden Age Intensive Serum, which is infused with their Revinage® extract, a bio-retinol that is used as a skin restoration agent. Among the brand’s other serums, the Intensive Serum focuses on strengthening its potency, with four times the average number of antioxidants to better protect the dermis from damage.

The YOU Beauty Golden Age Series Photo courtesy of YOU Beauty

For a full skincare routine, the collection is topped off by the Y.O.U Golden Age Energizing Eye Cream. Apart from utilizing Bakuchiol and Revinage® extracts, the eye cream highlights caffeine as one of its central components. The addition of caffeine is meant to bring out the character of each of its other ingredients, helping smooth over blemishes, reduce puffiness, and brighten eye circles.

For more information on the release of the Y.O.U Golden Age Series, visit Y.O.U Beauty’s official website.

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