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Why Jewelry is the Ideal Gift for Your Partner

Photo courtesy of Tiffany & Co

Beyond bouquets and chocolates, Tiffany & Co releases their new Valentine’s Day collection of jewelry to give to your significant other

There is a symbolic sense of commitment when it comes to presenting a loved one with a necklace or a ring for Valentine’s Day. Although the giving of flower bouquets and boxes of chocolates have become customary gifts for decades, these items can only really be experienced in the moment, and are either consumed or wilt away over time. Unlike its counterparts, jewelry is a long-term investment, a near-everlasting token that can be both worn and cherished for generations ahead.

For the house of Tiffany & Co, this idea of giving a timeless gift serves as the basis for their new collection of jewelry for Valentine’s Day 2024. Featuring a collection of rings, pendants, and bracelets among other pieces, the jewelry house presents a series of regalia that can be given as presents in this season of love. 

Tiffany HardWear Watch

Tiffany HardWear Watch Photo courtesy of Tiffany Co

Handcrafted in Switzerland, the timepiece features a bracelet made of gauge links in a combination of sterling silver and steel. Apart from its more industrial design elements, the watch’s face is crowned in a multi-faceted, baby blue sapphire crystal that is reminiscent of the Tiffany Diamond. 

The Tiffany Setting Diamond Engagement Ring

The Tiffany Setting Diamond Engagement Ring Photo courtesy of Tiffany Co

For couples looking to tie the knot this Valentine’s Day, Tiffany’s Diamond Engagement Ring serves as an ideal gift for future fiancés. The engagement ring is designed in a series of two subsequent bands, with the first being made entirely of platinum, while its counterpart is encrusted with diamonds across its surface. At its peak is a subtle, six prong setting that holds a larger, more grandiose diamond that seamlessly transitions between the ring and its crown.

Bird on a Rock

Bird on a Rock Photo courtesy of Tiffany Co

The brooch was originally designed by Jean Schlumberger in the year 1965 after an encounter with a cuckoo in the tropics. Throughout the years since its inception, the brooch had been recreated and redesigned in a variety of different metals and materials. For its Valentine’s Day iteration, the Bird on a Rock is updated in 18-karat gold highlights, with its main body being engineered in white diamonds. 

Elsa Peretti Open Heart Pendant

Elsa Peretti Open Heart Pendant Photo courtesy of Tiffany Co

Hanging by a slim golden chain, is Elsa Peretti’s Open Heart Pendant in a 18-karat gold finish. The pendant is molded in the shape of a hollowed-out heart, and is given a more playful design that gives the article of jewelry a more loose element.

Elsa Peretti Bone Cuff

Elsa Peretti Bone Cuff Photo courtesy of Tiffany Co

Highlighted by its asymmetrical structure, the Bone Cuff is a large bracelet that follows the natural grooves and contours of the wrist. Fully enveloped in either a sterling silver or a gold variation, the cuffed bracelet is ergonomic in nature with fluidity in its movement and overall visual language. 

For more information on their new Valentine’s collection, visit the Tiffany & Co. website

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