TernoCon 2024 Celebrates Philippine History, Identity, and Independence
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TernoCon 2024 Celebrates Philippine History, Identity, and Independence

Jojie Lloren’s “A Lullaby for my Mother” collection. Photo courtesy of SM

Jojie Lloren’s “A Lullaby for my Mother” collection. Photo courtesy of SM

Three Filipino fashion designers come together at the SM Mall of Asia to unveil their reinterpretations of the terno during Independence Day

In some ways, the TernoCon has become a customary tradition for Filipinos as a celebration of both culture and identity. Each year, individuals passionate about fashion and the arts make their pilgrimage toward the annual event, where designers showcase their own renditions of the classic terno and barong as an homage to the Philippines’ traditional garments. 

Model Marina Benipayo and Jaggy Glarino. Photo courtesy of SM

The title of this current iteration serves as a nod to the Kataastaasan Kagalang-galang na Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan (KKK), which was a revolutionary group of freedom fighters that fought for the country’s independence from colonial rule. In reference to this, TernoCon 2024 is aptly named under the same abbreviation, “KKK: Kasarinlan, Kultura, Kasuotan.”

This year, TernoCon brought together three fashion designers that each represented the country’s major islands, namely, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Held within the Museo Del Galeon at the SM Mall of Asia, the fashion show honored the 126th year of Philippine Independence, painting a picture of the country’s history through each tailored garment. 

Fashion Designer Jojie Lloren. Photo courtesy of SM
Jojie Lloren’s “The Denial,” a terno top and box-pleated skirt with a bustle. Photo courtesy of SM

Fashion designer Jojie Lloren set a more melancholic tone for the evening, with his collection titled “A Lullaby for my Mother.” The entire collection was created in tribute to two figures in his life, his mother by blood, Herminia Tuazon, and his motherland. The designer presented twelve looks, each derived from the experiences he had with his own mother. A somber shade of beige and creams fill the spaces of each garment, with various brocade, suede, and satin details weaved into each silhouette, while fragments of child-like wonder are sprinkled throughout each terno in the form of hand-painting and tufting.

Cary Santiago’s sculptural piece inspired by the Philippine eagle.Photo courtesy of SM
Fashion Designer Cary Santiago. Photo courtesy of SM

The second set of looks focused more on highlighting different national symbols, including sampaguitas, jeepneys, Philippine eagles, carabaos, and mangoes respectively. Fittingly named the Ikonograpiya collection, the series was designed by Cary Santiago, who sought to showcase the country’s rich cultural heritage through the medium of clothing. Santiago opened with a silhouette dedicated toward national hero José Rizal, and his writings Noli Me Tángere and El Fiibusterismo sprawled on a crimson crepe dress as a canvas. The collection concluded with an ensemble set to the tune of the Lupang Hinirang, where Michelle Dee wore an asymmetric gazar skirt with a color palette reminiscent of the Philippine flag.   

Fashion Designer Jaggy Glarino. Photo courtesy of SM
Jaggy Glarino’s “Putyoka,” a honeycomb floor-length lace dress with handmade lotus flowers. Photo courtesy of SM

Jaggy Glarino serves as the finale for this year’s TernoCon, with a focus on bringing Mindanaoan culture to the forefront of Filipino fashion. The designer constructed nine versions of the terno and three barongs that each portrayed various elements of his childhood growing up in Mindanao. Titled “Lemlunay” this recollection of memories was personified with garments that featured the sharp geometrical patterns of the indigenous T’boli garments, and geographical locations such as Lake Sebu as an homage to the region’s heritage.

Cary Santiago’s “Ikonograpiya” collection on display at SM Mall of Asia. Photo courtesy of SM

An exclusive exhibit will be held featuring the different looks from each collection, taking place until June 23 at the Main Atrium of SM Mall of Asia.

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