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5 Tropical-Themed Furniture to Freshen Up Your Space

Styled by @booninterior. Photographed by Eric Beltran & Kevin Evora. Courtesy of Tahanan Furniture.

Transform your home into a tropical paradise.

In bringing the natural and material-focused beachside allure into a home, the scruffy fashion of hand-woven furniture becomes one distinctive feature of design. This is seen in armoire doors and sideboards, backrests, and the seat of chairs and loungers, wherein the pattern yields to one’s body, providing supported rest and relief for hot and humid days.

Such a motif grows into a haven for creations that embrace indigenous weaving and the materials that abound in the communities. From the rattan weavers of Cebu to the rattan mirror makers of Nueva Ecija and the nito weavers of the Mangyan Tribe in Puerto Galera, every piece is envisioned to recall and mimic the relaxing sensation of sandy beaches, crashing waves, and rustling palm leaves.

Drawn from Filipino touchstones and anecdotes, here are bespoke pieces from Tahanan Furniture that expertly twine the intricacy of Solihiya pattern with the hallmarks of modern minimalism.

Tahanan Furniture is an online concept store for bespoke furniture and home goods. For more information about their collections, visit Tahanan Furniture’s official website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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