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Style, Sound, & Americana: Tommy Hilfiger Brings Together Music Royalty

Photo Courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger’s familial ties to music and fashion are the centerpiece of their Fall/Winter campaign

Tommy Hilfiger’s roots as a brand have run deep into different facets of culture since 1985. Heavily influenced by art, music, and pop culture, the eponymous label has associated themselves with the various tastemakers of the time.

This is highlighted especially in their Fall-Winter collection this 2023, as Hilfiger celebrates the families and connections they have fostered throughout the years, spanning generations and across cultures.  Hilfiger has had an especially close connection to those in the music industry – at its inception, the brand’s preppy, collegiate style found its way from being worn on university campuses to taking center stage at the heart of the global music scene.

One of the best examples of this long-standing relationship between Hilfiger and its musical contemporaries is with Quincy Jones. The Grammy award winning producer and songwriter that has left a lasting legacy through his extensive discography and his Hilfiger roots. The connections between Hilfiger and Jones’ family trace back to the early 90’s, in which Jones’ daughter Kidada, worked hand in hand as both a designer and as a muse to Tommy Hilfiger himself. This partnership led toward the creation of Tommy Jeans, with this act cementing itself as among the first instances of Hilfiger’s relationships with musicians and artists of the time.

Photo courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger

Among the newest to be inducted into the Hilfiger family is acclaimed R&B singer-songwriter SZA, who serves as the star for the brand’s latest Fall campaign. In the spirit of the brand’s values on family, SZA is joined by her family and friends as they don the latest in the brand’s collection of denim.

Halfway across the Asia-Pacific, an emerging group of talents also joins the Hilfiger family. The Stray Kids, an eight member South Korean boy band formed in 2018, serves as an envoy between the brand and its recognition of musicians and artists across the globe. Celebrating their bond as a band, Stray Kids comes together to bring home Hilfiger’s prep and classic americana to the striking, loud statements of contemporary Korean fashion.

Photo courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger
Photo courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger

With the inclusion of Stray Kids, Tommy Hilfiger continues to welcome talents from across Asia. From the cool air of Korea and Japan, the brand makes its way to the more tropical climates south of the continent. Alongside their more layered looks this Fall, Hilfiger releases tried-and-true  pieces with their rugby shirts, varsity jackets, and a variation of accessories for the warmer summer air.

This collection, past and present is bridged by Tommy Hilfiger’s playful remixes to their classic silhouettes. Reintroducing the New York Puffer, the puffer jacket bursts onto the scene in bolder, brighter, and more attention-grabbing details. Meanwhile, the Tommy Tartan is also given a more contemporary makeover, featuring the brand’s recognizable plaid patterning in an updated blend of red and cerulean blue.

To learn more about the latest collection, visit their website.

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