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New Horizon: Emirates Redefines the Business Class Travel Experience

Photo courtesy of Emirates

The esteemed airline takes you on a lap of luxury to over 130 destinations

It is a natural instinct to yearn for exploration. Spurred by innate curiosity, people often set their sights on places that satisfy their thirst for discovery. Experiencing new cultures, engaging in their fashion and cuisine, and partaking in different traditions are all part of this curiosity. It is through traveling that they expand their horizons and deepen their understanding of the world around them. 

Equally as important as the destination, the journey of a traveler is the first consideration in the context of exploration. In the modern world, comfort and convenience are compromised with only the end destination in mind. For Emirates Airline, the entire flight is part of the journey.

The airline’s business class stands as its own memorable experience, providing luxury across the skies. Emirates has built a name for convenient traveling, offering onboard mobile and Wi-Fi connectivity across each of its flights.

Photo courtesy of Emirates

Each business class flier receives access to a fine-dining experience with regionally inspired menus. Meals are locally sourced from Dubai and include fresh greens from Emirates-owned vertical farm Bustanica. These are designed with time of day in mind, allowing for each traveler to adjust their body and mind throughout their journey. To ensure variety between travels, menus are often updated regularly by the airline’s master chefs. 

First and Business Class passengers flying on the A380 from Dubai, have access to Onboard Lounge. Apart from the wide selection of food options, the airline also has an extensive selection of complimentary drinks served throughout the flight, including welcome champagne for each passenger. Every wine, spirit and beer onboard has been hand selected by Emirates to be best-in-class, featuring a wide-away of preferred beverages of choice for its passengers.

Relaxation remains a priority for Emirates throughout their flights. Passengers may rest under the soft duvets, warm blankets, and generously-sized pillows provided throughout each trip. Flights also include Emirates exclusive headphones designed with enhanced sound quality and noise canceling to filter out ambient cabin sounds. 

Photo courtesy of Emirates

To further set them apart, the airline boasts a large library of in-flight entertainment for business class travelers. Covering most forms of entertainment media, the library features over 6,500 movies, live TV, music, podcasts, and audiobooks in 40 languages, with new content added each month.

Throughout every flight, the airline becomes a part of each travel’s journey. With customer experience at the forefront, Emirates allows passengers to travel across continents in style, comfort, and convenience.

To plan for your next travel destination, visit their website.

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