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From Field to Street: Major League Baseball-Inspired Brand Launches their Second Store in Manila

Inspired by Major League Baseball, South Korean label MLB brings sports closer to a wider audience. Photo: @mlbkorea / Instagram

Through a distinct ethos of cultural fusion, South Korean lifestyle brand MLB encourages everyone to embrace comfort and style

Fashion and sports have always been closely linked, shaping the popular trends we see today. This blending of two cultures has consistently thrived ever since athletic fashion made a splash in street culture in the 70s. The phenomenon experienced further growth in the 1980s, significantly influenced by the visual appeal of hip-hop music videos, such as Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It” jackets and LL Cool J’s B-Boy style.

It was in the 21st century that athleisure and sportswear became a part of the cultural lexicon, where gym and sports-exclusive apparel such as tennis skirts, hoodies, tracksuits, and yoga pants have evolved into everyday wardrobe staples.

MLB Philippines opened its second store in the country at SM Aura
Photo: @mlb.kr.philippines / Instagram

Against this backdrop of sportswear evolution and crossovers, South Korean lifestyle label MLB shares the abbreviated moniker of the 150-year-old sports institution, Major League Baseball, which blends an East-meets-West fusion of cultures. The brand encapsulates the upbeat American sports spirit while embracing traditional Korean fashion trends. 

To celebrate the launch of their second store in the Philippines, MLB invited a roster of celebrities and content creators such as beauty queens Celeste Cortesi and Beatrice Luigi Gomez and volleyball player Analain Salvador. Guests were given an exclusive preview of the brand’s newest collection and the store’s locker-room-inspired interior, adorned in shades of blue, gray, and orange.

“Our companies share the same ethos when it comes to sprucing up the ever-changing fashion landscape with the trends of the current lifestyle and culture milieu,” says Bryan Lim, Suyen Corporation’s vice president for business development. The label’s recent fashion pitch to Manila is a partnership between F&F (Fashion & Forward) and Suyen Corporation with its debut store launched in SM Mall of Asia.

MLB Philippines opened its second store in the country at SM Aura
Photo: @mlb.kr.philippines / Instagram

Lim adds, “Our aim in this collaboration with MLB is to provide our consumers with an expanded array of premium lifestyle streetwear options that suit their diverse lifestyles. One great thing about Filipinos is that we excel in seamlessly infusing the latest cultural trends into our fashion expressions.”

For more information, follow MLB Philippines on Instagram.

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