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Life of the Party: Mango and Jen Ceballos Showcase their Newest Collaboration

Jen Ceballos x Mango Semi-transparent panel ruffle dress and bow heel sandals. Photo courtesy of Mango

Jen Ceballos x Mango open back lurex dress. Photo courtesy of Mango

The sixty-piece collection is a reflection of the sensational parties thrown throughout the early 2000s

European fashion label Mango has routinely brought along faces to contribute to their expanding archive of clothing. A variety of brands, artists, and talents across the globe have already graced the halls of its boutiques, lending their creative methods and ideologies toward each collaborative collection. Among them, Mango now focuses on bringing contemporary minds to its classic silhouettes, tapping into the visions of influencers, content creators, and online personalities.

With bright multi-colored lights shining overhead and glitter drizzled across the dance floor, Jen Ceballos unveiled her party-inspired collaboration with Mango. A Miami-based, Colombian model and content creator, Ceballos grew her influence through her Instagram profile “EndlesslyLoveClub.” The profile began as a personal mood board, and has since then evolved into a page teeming with her relaxed yet daring looks that inspire her current collection with the brand.

Mango’s Mediterranean visual elements are interlaced with Ceballos’ experience with Miami nightlife. Released in a sixty piece collection, each article of clothing is also designed to reflect the party culture of the early 2000s and the minimalist nature of her personal style. 

Jen Ceballos x Mango Biscayne top Tyra skirt Maxi flower crystal choker Magnolia bag and bow heel sandals Photo courtesy of Mango
Jen Ceballos x Mango open back lurex dress Photo courtesy of Mango

The limited edition capsule collection is characterized by the luster and shine of its materials, with an emphasis on metallic tones, transparent fabrics, and satin in a variety of cuts. Its most notable garments are lace dresses and sequins in different lengths that bring out the more sensual elements of the collaboration. For the cold, early morning breeze after a night out, the series features layered coats that are embellished in brushed leather and thick woolen material. To also match any party’s theme, the collection also releases in a wide range of essentials, encapsulated by simple white shirts, long-sleeved tees, tailored skirts, trousers, and denim bottoms.

Apart from its selection of clothing, Mango’s collaboration with Cebellos also features accessories and footwear for the avid party-goer. Emphasizing a more minimalist visual style, Mango also releases peep-toe sandals, heeled boots, chokers, a hair-clip, and mini-bags that are meant to compliment the collection’s playful sensibilities. The collaboration is tied together with Ceballos personal penchant for neutral-colored shades, with a palette that moves between greyscales and cool blues.

Jen Ceballos x Mango draped strapless dress Photo courtesy of Mango
Jen Ceballos x Mango Ocean top and rhinstone mini skirt Photo courtesy of Mango

For more information on the release of Jen Ceballos’ collection with Mango, visit their website.

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