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Homecoming: Lacoste’s Legacy Shines as it Returns to Paris Fashion Week 

Photo courtesy of Lacoste

Photo courtesy of Lacoste

From tennis courts to catwalks, Lacoste returns to the runway for the debut collection of its newest creative director

Floodlights beam across the Roland Garros Stadium, illuminating the stands that have stood its ground since the early 1920’s, which at the time was the height of France’s dominance in tennis. This stadium marks the birthplace of not only legendary tennis athletes such as Henri Cochet and René Lacoste, but has also spawned the idea behind René’s eponymous label. 

Photo courtesy of Lacoste
Photo courtesy of Lacoste

In honor of Lacoste’s founder, Roland Garros once again opened its doors, not for sport, but to herald Lacoste’s return to Paris Fashion Week. After a five year hiatus,, the label’s newest creative director, Pelagia Kolotouros, hopes to make the storied stadium a part of her legacy similar to the brand’s founder.

The stadium’s radiance shines a spotlight on the runway show’s unique setting; the clay tennis courts that are tinged with a subtle orange hue. The white, chalk-drawn lines of the court are also manipulated to form a large spiral at the stadium’s center, where models walk in a circular pattern as opposed to traditional runways. 

As Pelagia’s debut collection with Lacoste, she sought to establish her own identity with the brand while paying respects to its sport-inspired heritage. Befittingly named the “Victory of 1927”, the title is in reference to René Lacoste’s win at the Davis Cup held in the United States of that year, thus spawning a wave of tennis players inspired by her win for many decades to follow. 

Photo courtesy of Lacoste
Photo courtesy of Lacoste

The new Fall/Winter 2024 collection features more elevated pieces with its coats and blazers, all while integrating functional sensibilities as part of the collection’s codes. This results in utility fabrics being one of its main elements, with water-resistant trench coats, nylon, and technical materials serving as a callback to their athletic roots. 

Freedom of movement is another central theme of the collection, incorporating performance-driven textiles into racket-printed tees, baggy tracksuits, and a variety of fleeces. Classic garb such as the collared tennis shirt, are also broken down and transformed to be more sensual and revealing as opposed to the rigidness of tennis attire as well. 

The sport-inspired clothing continues to contrast against high fashion looks through color, with a simple palette of green, black, and white that is reminiscent of Lacoste’s emblem. Throughout the show, one can also differentiate the tone of each look based on the dominant color of each silhouette. For example, black signifies pieces that are more elevated and sensual, while green serves as an intermediary for more casual and athletic garments. Meanwhile, predominantly white silhouettes are meant to be a symbolic representation of René Lacoste’s win at the Davis Cup, as the tennis athlete was clad in all-white during her victory ceremony. 

At its core, Lacoste’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection is a celebration of homecoming; as it pays homage to René’s victory and her return to France, a return to the brand’s athletic history, and a return to fashion week under the direction of its newest face, Pelagia Kolotouros.

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