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A New Glam Hub Arrives in Town—Here’s A First-Timer’s Experience

Is this aesthetics clinic nestled in the financial district of Bonifacio Global City the latest haven for facials? Let’s put it to the test.

Here’s a confession: I’m in my late 20s and still a facial treatment newbie. Although I was super invested in my skin care regimen, stocking up on countless bottles of cleansers, moisturizers, or serums, anything that could temper my blemishes and acne. I admit I’ve never really tried going to a skincare specialist before. But I’d be dishonest if I said I wasn’t curious about the experience and, potentially, leveling up my skincare journey.

I had read about celebrities like Miranda Kerr, Ashley Graham, and Madonna, and their holy grail treatments. All have expressed their love for oxygen facials, which draw upon organic bodily processes to improve their skin and allow them to bestow glow. After being given an opportunity to visit an aesthetician and with a little convincing from myself, I decided it was time to see what it’s actually like to get pampered by a professional. So, off I scuttled to SOI Clinic in Taguig, in hopes of giving my skin a reset.

SOI clinic interior with ambient lighting and lush greens

A warm welcome

As I walked into the clinic, the scent of sandalwood wafted through thin air. I was met by a modern interior with soft ambient lighting and salmon-colored decors, all complemented by large windows that offered a view of the corporate avenue.

The reception area at SOI Clinic that has comfortable couches and abstract artworks

From behind the front desk, I was ushered in by one of SOI Clinic’s skin care therapists for an initial consultation. Typically, I fit somewhere in between Types III and IV on the Fitzpatrick skin scale, with a light medium complexion and mildly sensitive skin. I have redness on my cheeks and had some scarring on my chin from a previous hormonal breakout. I’m also starting to notice some dryness. 

After an extensive recap of my skin history and skincare regimens, my facialist decided to give me OxyGlow by SOI, a 45-minute medical-grade facial to exfoliate and hydrate my skin. I was also offered the painless, non-invasive 5D radiofrequency and eye bag reduction treatments, all on the house.

The ‘super’ among facials

In a dimly lit treatment room, I began with my OxyGlow by SOI facial—a three-step process of exfoliation, oxygenation, and infusion. First, my facialist used a roll-on tool to generate carbon dioxide bubbles that will exfoliate my skin and eliminate the dead skin cells. These bubbles are said to permeate the upper skin layer to increase blood flow and the efficiency of oxygen transportation, making the treated area look more supple and hydrated. She left these bubbles on for a minute to see how my skin reacted, which actually turned out fine.

Private facial treatment room at SOI Clinic

My facial therapist also set the lowest and safest frequency that my skin could tolerate. Gradually, as my skin got accustomed to the treatment, she increased the levels.

Then, the solution was gently cleansed off and followed by a nutrient-rich gel, with ultrasound gently massaging my face and neck for better absorption of ingredients. The treatment is finished with the introduction of an oxygenation mask to the face and neck using a neomassage applicator, while the skin is in its highly receptive state.

A treat for my waist and my under eyes

I was already at the peak of my relaxation when my facialist commenced the 5D radiofrequency treatment with an ionic device. The wand was pressed firmly against my skin and was moved around my abdomen and pelvic area, where a warm sensation progressively grew.

There were four wands in total, each having their respective purposes: the microcurrent brush to massage and shape the waist, the vibration handle to firm the abdomen, the ultrasonic cavitation handle to accelerate the fat burning, and the vacuum handle to relieve muscle fatigue.

Around the same time, I got an eye massage with a device that works like an electric pulse neck massager. While the 5D radiofrequency device was kneading my belly, my under eyes were left to relish in red LED light and microcurrent therapies, gently pulsating to reduce puffiness around my eyes and get rid of the bags under them.

Afterwards, I was given a robe and a headband with my name embroidered on them.

Did the treatments work?

The OxyGlow by SOI and eye bag reduction treatments have shown visible improvements. When my facial therapist handed me the mirror, I noticed that my skin was more glowy than usual and that the redness on my cheeks was tamed. The bags under my eyes were also relatively reduced and my dark eye circles were lightened—all of which, I’d say, comes with skin that had just been treated.

My facialist recommends getting the oxygen facial treatment in a one- to two-week interval, explaining that OxyGlow by SOI not only brightens and plumps the face, but also helps clear acne and pimples. However, if you are dealing with huge breakouts, you can give the pimple treatment a whirl.

With 5D radiofrequency, there’s not much to see just yet, as the results will become more visible after three to six months of continuous treatment. It may be necessary to have 2 to 12 sessions more for optimum results.

In-house dermatologist Helena Milla, M.D. recommended Ultra Tightening body treatment—a non-invasive radiofrequency technology that gently heats the deeper layers of the skin to stimulate collagen production—in any case I’d like a more targeted treatment of visible lines and skin laxity in my next session. “What’s good about this is you can have it once a year, and the improvement continues after just one session,” she expounds.

The final verdict

SOI clinic interior with ambient lighting and lush greens

SOI Clinic could be the latest haven for facial and body treatments in the metro. The bespoke treatments and services aside, the glow that rolled in two to three days post-facial is what proved this. I went for a 5-kilometer run, and my face looked brighter and more supple than usual; it was as if my makeup had just been done.

True to their name, which was derived from the French word for “oneself,” SOI Clinic is not just a place for facial and body treatments; it is also a destination for those seeking a bespoke experience in their personal journey towards holistic wellness. You will be greeted with a subtle scent of essential oils, tasteful artworks and refreshments, ambient music that plays in the background, and hospitable facialists, all of which contribute to creating a tranquil environment designed for privacy and relaxation.

Come by the SOI Clinic located at 11th Corporate Center, 11th Ave, Taguig. To book a consultation, visit SOI Clinic’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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