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Discover New Travel Destinations in 2024 with the Metrobank World Mastercard

Photo by Ashim D’Silva. Courtesy of Unsplash

Travel in style with the Metrobank World Mastercard® and explore five diverse locations around the globe

The turn of the last decade was marked by radical transformation, restriction, and rebirth through the first leg of the 2020s. Given the erratic shifts in lifestyle each year, a burning sense of longing had been gradually building up in people’s hearts. This had taken shape in various forms, with many having sought to satisfy this itch through travel and self-discovery as a means to reclaim their lost time.

With the revival of the jet-setter, this newfound freedom has had people eagerly anticipating the opportunity to explore different parts of the globe. Coupled with a passport and a suitcase packed with essentials, the Metrobank World Mastercard® is another travel companion that transcends physical benefits by offering a wealth of experiences.

For your travels this year, here are five destinations where you can experience a diverse range of cultures, vast landscapes, and natural wonders.

Sydney, Australia

Photo by C Valdez Courtesy of Unsplash

A metropolis built by the water’s edge, Sydney is defined by its beaches and its vast coastline. Sydney is a city that blends nature alongside a vibrant city life. The more active traveler can enjoy hikes to the Blue Mountains, or national parks that showcase the diversity of the Australian wildlife. For the curious nightcrawler, the city offers a wide selection of bars, clubs, and dining options that are scattered across the area. Through the card’s deals, members can also view the city at its highest point through the Sydney Tower Eye; or for an exploration of the Australian wilderness, one can stroll the pathways of the Wildlife Sydney Zoo. Capping off the experience, card holders are entitled toward a deal that tours them through a private cruise that skirts the beaches that line the Sydney harbor, highlighting the country’s surrounding seas.

New York City, USA

Photo by Zach Miles Courtesy of Unsplash

Characterized by the gleaming skyscrapers that make up the dense urban jungle, the city of New York has always been a destination of choice for all walks of life. A melting pot of different cultures, the city features a blooming art scene, storied museums, and a multitude of architectural marvels. Also a city with no shortage of stores and establishments, the New York shopper can spend 350 USD or more, allowing the card to return 25 USD worth of cash back when purchasing items at any local Bloomingdale’s.

Tokyo, Japan

Photo by Vitalina Courtesy of Pexels

Tokyo is a city that shines brightest in the cold. A city illuminated not only by the neon-lit fixtures that line the streets of Shibuya, but also by the blossoming Sakura trees that paint the city in a soh pink glow. The coldness of the season is also reflected in the watchful presence of Mount Fuji, with its crown of snow overlooking the city skyline. To keep you warm from the chilly air, you can shop for jackets, layers, and outfits for the cool weather at Takashimaya and enjoy a cashback of up to 1,500 Japanese yen, for a minimum total purchase amount of 40,000 yen through Metrobank World Mastercard.  For the winter wayfarer, Tokyo is a premier destination for its natural backdrops, cultural presence, and technological wonders that all blend together seamlessly.

Boston, USA

Photo by Sydney Angove Courtesy of Unsplash

Across the wide array of destinations across the United States, Boston is recognized as one of the most historic. Its most notable attraction is the Freedom Trail through the Royal City Tour that can be booked through the card, which guides visitors through each of Boston’s sixteen historical sites including the location of the Boston Tea Party, and the USS Constitution among other locations. You can conveniently book this with your Metrobank World Mastercard.

London, England

lPhoto by Lina Kivaka Courtesy of Pexels

Walking the cobblestone streets of London reveal a city that is built through stories and heritage. Its historic landmarks take visitors through a tour back in time, with Georgian structures such as Big Ben and the Buckingham Palace remaining faithfully unchanged despite decades of modernization. Revealing more depth into the city’s past are museums and historical attractions that also provide travelers a glimpse of its aristocratic background. Among the city’s different attractions, the Madame Tussauds museum is an attraction that is available for those utilizing the card, allowing visitors to relive the capital throughout the ages. Reaching deeper into the city’s wealth of history, travelers can don a staple of London style: the Burberry trench coat. For a minimum spend of 400 GBP, holders can receive up to 40 GBP of cash back at Burberry using the card.

Don’t see the world without a Metrobank World Mastercard®—get the travel and lifestyle credit card you deserve and begin to discover a world that’s yours. Apply for the Metrobank World Mastercard® today through their website.

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