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Crimson Resort Immerses Itself in its Holiday Traditions and Celebrations

Photo courtesy of Crimson Hotel

The secluded getaway situated at the heart of Boracay stands as a haven for rest, relaxation, and celebrating the Christmas spirit

The warmth of the sea’s air brushes across the skin as a boat ride makes its way toward its next destination. Upon docking, one finds themselves at a secluded cove, guarded by towering rock formations that occupy its beachfront. Amidst the honed edges of the surrounding rocks stands buildings that gleam and contrast against the dark earth it occupies. This vast yet intimate  space is home to Crimson Resort, which is among the three bastions of Station Zero in Boracay.

Photo courtesy of Crimson Resort

The resort welcomes each traveler in the embrace of white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. As guests make their way through the resort, they realize the magnitude and depth of its design. The multi-layered nature of Crimson Resort can be likened to natural terraces, with the crowns of each building either covered in grass or with each of its pools. Its infrastructure is also contemporary in nature, characterized by sharp cubelike elements and in a soft white finish. 

Apart from its architecture, the resort is also distinguished by its culture and traditions. Among them, Crimson Resort routinely celebrates the holiday season with a series of events open to the public. The highlight of these events is the Christmas tree lighting held yearly since the resort’s inception. A speech was given by the resort’s general manager, Patrick Manthe commemorating the previous year while also celebrating the future to come; culminating toward the lighting of a twenty foot Christmas tree that glowed intensely amidst the night sky. This was followed by a performance that highlighted the diverse talents of its staff, with singing, instrumental, and traditional Filipino dances being performed by its people. 

Photo courtesy of Crimson Resort

The day following the annual tree lighting ceremony comes the “Art Warrior” event, which features a live painting competition that invites artists from the surrounding island to participate. Held on a monthly basis, Crimson Resort displays each of its entries within its in-house art gallery; with the competition’s proceeds going toward the contributing artists and the ARTS in Youth program— helping young local artists in their development.

As the night concluded, guests took the festivities toward each of the resort’s three restaurants: Azure Beach Club which catered toward Asian delicacies, Mosaic Latin American Grill as a space for prime meats and Latin-American cuisine, and an international menu under Saffron Cafe.

Photo courtesy of Crimson Resort

For more information on Crimson Resort & Spa Boracay amenities, dining options, and experiences, visit their website.

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