Breaking Down the Runway: A Closer Look at Fashion Week’s Spring-Summer ‘24 Shows
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Breaking Down the Runway: A Closer Look at Fashion Week’s Spring-Summer ‘24 Shows

From ready-to-wear to the avant garde, here are some of the best looks and pieces from the Spring-Summer ‘24 collections

A period marked by fresh starts, the first month of the year is always held in commemoration of new beginnings, new opportunities, and a chance for reinvention. In the context of fashion, these beginnings are honored through Fashion Week, with shows from designers of all walks of life coming together in a showcase of new collections every January. Traditionally held in the four fashion capitals of the world (New York, London, Milan and Paris), this year’s Spring-Summer ‘24 features a series of both emerging and concluding storylines, new and experimental silhouettes, and a celebration of art, design, and fashion. 

From Jonathan Anderson’s structure-led designs at Loewe, Givenchy’s distinctly elegant sequins, to Sarah Burton’s farewell at Alexander Mcqueen, below is a summary of the highlights from the collections that walked the runway of Spring-Summer 2024.

Photo courtesy of Burberry

Daniel Lee continues to reinvent Burberry in a more light, yet sensual identity that blends into the house’s more utilitarian roots. Their entry into Spring-Summer 2024 still continues to pay homage to its equestrian roots, with a heightened sense of outdoor-friendly elements present in the various trench coats, bags, shoes, and accessories throughout the collection.

Photo courtesy of BALLY
Photo courtesy of BALLY

The Swiss fashion house focuses on the concept of duality for their runway collection this season. A blend of both masculine and feminine wardrobes are seen gracing the catwalk of Milan, with the contrast between both elements seen in both its colors and textures. Bright splashes of red and cobalt contrast against neutral tones in each look, while shrunken proportions on one side of a garment could spell explosive volumes of fabric in its other half. The show also saw the debut of the Bally Tilt Bag, with a triangular cut among other sharp geometric features.

Photo courtesy of Ferragamo
Photo courtesy of Ferragamo

Newly appointed creative director Maximilian Davis draws upon both Italian and Caribbean dress codes for Ferragamo’s latest Spring-Summer entry. Each of the garments, whether in the form of dresses, coats, and blazers, are made lighter in both fabric and in construction. This parallels the more “carefree” style of dressing from the region, which Davis mirrors with each look. Throughout the show, Ferragamo’s Hug Bag was also highlighted, living up to its name as its side panels hug the overall body.

Photo courtesy of Tory Burch
Tory Burch

For Tory Burch, the women’s fashion house focuses on experimenting with simple silhouettes, while emphasizing mindful details. For instance, clean-cut blazers and tunics are slashed through the sleeves, allowing for more grace of movement with each piece. In playing with the concept of simplicity, with looks in either monochrome or tonal neutrals, reflecting the calm nature of the current collection. 

Photo courtesy of Givenchy

At Givenchy, sophistication, elegance, and formality stand as the pillars of their design language. As such, their latest collection follows those same principles, with pieces that are more structured and rigid, alongside hourglass tailoring across its grayscale-colored dresses and outerwear.

Photo courtesy of LOEWE
Photo courtesy of LOEWE

Jonathan Anderson focuses on reducing fashion to the silhouette for its entry into Spring-Summer 2024 for Loewe. For Anderson, the outline of each look takes center stage, playfully manipulating sections while altering its proportions. As a result, pieces are both tall and vertical, emphasizing height through high-waisted trousers, long and drapey outerwear, and tops with chewed hems.

Photo courtesy of Alexander McQueen
Photo courtesy of Alexander McQueen
Alexander McQueen

For over thirteen years, Sarah Burton has stood at the helm of Alexander Mcqueen’s creative direction. The fashion house’s latest Spring-Summer runway show is meant as an homage to two of its visionaries, the late Alexander Mcqueen, and Sarah Burton herself. Bidding farewell to her position as creative director, Burton’s latest show is a culmination of over a decade’s worth of innovations in design. A collection inspired by both the female anatomy and Queen Elizabeth I, the articles of clothing evoke a regal nature, with harsher cuts and more structured, rigid tailoring across dresses, corsets, and jumpsuits. Shades of black and red dominate the palette, providing a more unapologetic and intimidating tone to each look; a powerful sendoff for Burton as Alexander Mcqueen enters a new age.

Photo courtesy of HOGAN

Earth tones, sage, and pastel are the main codes of Hogan’s collection of footwear and accessories. The new release is highlighted by youthful energy, with the Hogan H-Stripes sneaker in light leather and grooved platforms. Apart from this, the Hogan H665 is a sneaker that takes inspiration from running shoes, serving as ideal summertime essential either for daylight strolls or running the track.

Photo courtesy of kate spade new york
kate spade new york

Drawing influence from maximalist visuals, kate spade new york’s Spring-Summer 2024 is unveiled in bright colors and bold forms across each of its runway pieces. “Joy” is a central theme of the series of new releases, and is encapsulated by the return of the brand’s uniquely checkered Noel Print, a motif that has not been seen since 1999.

Photo courtesy of Tods

The fashion house focuses on a different direction for their entry into Fashion Week. Instead of  presenting on the runway, Tod’s highlights their new digital product passports for their signature Di Bag. In transitioning toward the digital luxury space, the passport enables customers to follow every piece’s origin, level of craftsmanship, and journey from creation to purchase.

Photo courtesy of Kenzo

Pop artist VERDY collaborates with tenured fashion designer, Nigo, for Kenzo’s most recent Spring-Summer collection. At the house’s runway show, each of the pieces feature custom graphics and prints designed by VERDY himself. With more street-inspired visuals, the collaboration boasts a more casual and loose style of dressing with a diverse set of windbreakers, jumpers, and cardigans in oversized fits.

Photo courtesy of Furla
Photo courtesy of Furla

Furla’s new series of bags pays tribute to Italy’s mediterranean landscape. Among them, Furla highlights the Nuvola, Gerla, and Giove amidst the six-bag collection. The shape of each bag is constructed to conform to the natural grooves of Italian mountain formations, and are subsequently colored in shades of terracotta clay.

Photo courtesy of BOSS

Building upon Hugo Boss’ independent fashion show in Miami, the German tailoring house focuses on a more subdued take on formalwear. Every article of clothing is painted in muted color palettes in either white, gray, or black respectively. In paying homage to their roots, classic suits are also retrofitted to cater toward a 24/7 lifestyle, prioritizing comfort and more relaxed silhouettes across its blazers, trousers, and coats.

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