A Toast to Tradition: Rémy Martin Celebrates its 300th Anniversary as a Cognac-maker
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A Toast to Tradition: Rémy Martin Celebrates its 300th Anniversary as a Cognac-maker

Pierrette Trichet and Baptiste Loiseau. Photo courtesy Rémy Martin

The Maison of Rémy Martin celebrates its third centennial with the unveiling of their new 300th Anniversary Coupe

Founded in the year 1724, the Maison of Rémy Martin began as a small family of winegrowers in France who saw the potential in blending cognac from two distinct terroirs. Over three centuries since its establishment, the Maison has flourished in the Grande and Petite Champagne districts (exclusive cognac-growth regions in France) and have since then called the regions their own. This vision was realized by successive generations, solidifying its status as a producer of spirits across the globe till present day.

Celebrating its 300th anniversary, Rémy Martin, a longstanding figure in the cognac world, honors its rich heritage with the “We Dream Forward” campaign. It recognizes generations of leaders who have shaped the house, and beyond a celebration of its past, the Maison also looks to commemorate this milestone by blending a new, limited edition cognac. 

Crafted by Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau from the Rémy Martin “Réserve Perpétuelle,” the 300th Anniversary Coupe is a limited edition cognac marking three centuries of heritage. This creation draws from the Maison’s collection of eaux-de-vie (a type of colorless fruit brandy), which has been preserved and handed down through generations of Cellar Masters preceding Baptiste. 

Photo courtesy of Rémy Martin

Apart from being a commemoration of the Maison’s storied history, the 300th Anniversary Coupe also serves as a reflection of their traditional practices. 

“The perpetual reserve is as much a process as a legacy. When a new blend is created, part of it is set aside for future cellar masters. In turn, they will use it for the next Anniversary Coupe. To create the 300th Anniversary Coupe, I have come to enrich this blend with the treasures of our cellars and Grande Champagne terroir, which will be the legacy I leave to the next generation. By reserving some eaux-de-vie from this precious Coupe 300th Anniversary, the story will continue for future generations,” explains Baptiste.

The new cognac directly takes from the blend formulated for their previous 290th Coupe, which in itself used eaux-de-vie from their 275th Coupe respectively. Baptiste uses the previous iterations of Rémy Martin’s cognac as a foundation for their newest creation, which in itself forges a link between the Maison’s past and present, and between generations of craftsmanship moving forward.

Available starting March 2024, only 30 out of the 6,724 individually numbered bottles worldwide are available in the Philippines. This unique 300th Anniversary Coupe will be exclusively available in Solid Wine Marketing. For inquiries, you can contact (02) 8354-4192 or [email protected]

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