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“A Marriage of Colors:” 7 Memorable Moments from the Sentosa-Inspired Launch of TUMI’s Newest Collection

At the launch of TUMI’s Asra collection, South Korean actress Mun Ka-Young shares how ecstatic she feels to be a part of the ever-evolving landscape of the global travel and lifestyle brand. Photo courtesy of TUMI

In Sentosa, South Korean actress Mun Ka-Young, Creative Director Victor Sanz, and Filipino actors Gabbi Garcia, and Sarah Lahbati saw Singapore through a new lens

“This is my third trip to Asia in two months,” notes TUMI Creative Director Victor Sanz. These words capture the essence of the lifestyle brand’s globetrotting inspiration. The American designer shares that in between traversing one country and another, his observational eye has drawn inspiration from the way people navigate the world—air, land, and sea.

Fresh from a 17-hour flight from New York to Singapore, the TUMI Creative Director since 2003 shares how much of their challenge since its launch in 1975 leaned towards a masculine aesthetic. A perception that they are changing by evolving into a lifestyle brand that also caters to women. This evolution was in full swing by introducing American singer-actress Reneé Rapp as their global brand ambassador with the “Unpack Tomorrow” and “Essentially Beautiful” campaigns featuring a lighter palette and softer silhouettes of its luggage and handbag range.

In choosing Singapore as its kickoff destination, Sanz and the team behind the global travel and lifestyle brand are taking it up a notch by adding a feminine touch by collaborating with multiple women ambassadors worldwide and introducing the Asra collection, along with revealing the brand’s newest face.

Here are the seven memorable moments that unfolded during the launch event, showcasing the harmonious fusion of TUMI’s aesthetics and the cultural influences that shape their evolution:

Shop the Asra collection available at TUMI.PH’s official website and TUMI stores nationwide, and keep up with TUMI on Instagram and Facebook.

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