6 Wooden Floor Styles to Add Warmth to Your Living Room In 2023
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6 Wooden Floor Styles to Add Warmth to Your Living Room In 2023

Courtesy of Matimco

From subtle floors to structured pieces, wood elements work harmoniously within modern dwellings to create a sense of warmth and depth

When you think about the essential features when designing your home, one thing is sure: you can’t skip the floor. Like any major interior design detail, there are more considerations to making flooring decisions than just cost, functionality, and labor. A commitment to the aesthetic of your home can make all the difference to its ambience and defines its style.

From its roots in the Victorian era to its 90s glossy comeback, a flooring material that has stood the test of time is wood. In recent years, the resurgence in the popularity of Scandinavian architecture and interior design has put an emphasis on natural materials and simple designs, making wood a suitable option for contemporary households. 

Whether you’re looking for a rustic look or a wood finish that will fit your Bauhaus concept, Matimco’s in-house designer, Architect Carmina Soriano shares with us how the Matwood Designer Series by Matimco can spruce up your living space. “Wood comes as a great accent and has contrasts that blend with other textures, colors, and even furniture of every minimalist design. Even with less furniture, wood can carry a space to its higher appearance just by having the perfect flooring,” says Soriano.

Add dimension with herringbone

Courtesy of Matimco

Herringbone is a great choice for traditional-style homes with mid-century modern elements. When paired with dark wood or black furniture, the interlocking triangles play with light and shadow in a way that creates movement in a living room or a cozy den.

“The manner herringbone is laid shows a stronger and more durable eye-catching pattern, as well as significantly enhances the space visually larger. It can go together with any furniture type, be it massive or framed,” says Soriano.

Be minimalist in a shade of oak

A herringbone-style flooring combined with a shade of oak is ideal for lounge areas where people spend a lot of time or receive a lot of foot traffic. “The furniture can also serve as accents to depict contrast combined with the uncluttered feature within the space that incorporates simple and clean line patterns that blend with the flooring to achieve a minimalist look,” shares Soriano.

Make your space inviting with a hickory light brown wash

Courtesy of Matimco

Hickory light brown flooring is a great choice for the living room where it can be used to create a homely and inviting atmosphere. This flooring option is ideal for rooms with high ceilings as it will make them appear more spacious.

Wood-frame sofas and chairs can give your space an open feel without taking up a lot of visual weight. Rugs and accessories in primary colors or earthy tones can add a minimalist yet rustic touch to your living room.

Add texture with mixed shades

Courtesy of Matimco

“Filipinos are not afraid to mix and match. It usually comes with warm materials as well as combining earth tone colors creating harmony. Mixed shades, in some way, present a natural and traditional home feature that most Filipinos love,” says Soriano.

As a popular wood flooring choice, the floor style also works well in areas that have a lot of natural light coming through. The light will bounce off the different wood tints and make your space feel more open and inviting than ever before. Soriano also adds, “Making sure the shades of the flooring are within the same undertones would have the look more blended rather than chaotic.”

Further accentuate the light and airy atmosphere you’re creating with white-washed wood furniture with white fabric upholstery. By also incorporating colors in hues of green or blue through throw pillows, coffee table books, and vases, you can avoid monotony when viewed from afar.

A rustic flair with natural oak

The natural grain of the wood gives it a beautiful finish and adds a sense of depth that’s hard to find in other types of flooring. Oak flooring can be used in a variety of rooms, including bedrooms and living rooms.

“Earth-tone finishing with the touch of stone and metallic materials and furniture can be used to blend with the grain details of the natural oak flooring to achieve a rustic appearance,” shares Soriano. “Antique accents can be incorporated together with a little bit of greenery. As well as textured decorative pillows on a vintage sofa set.”

Combining oversized chairs and ottomans in distressed leather upholstery and even adding bright red, yellow or green accents and accessories can add an authentic arcadian feel to your lounge.

Amplify walls with teak

Courtesy of Matimco

“Walls can come in different colors and textures combined with wooden teak flooring,” says Soriano. The beauty of teak flooring is that it works well with so many styles, from traditional to modern. While white walls are a striking backdrop to the floor’s darker hue, a gray wall can add a dramatic flair or industrial look to your living room.

“Green, beige, brown, or light earth tones go well with teak. As well as having the walls in the same material to create an amplified ambience of the space. To achieve contrast, classify the walls with a cool texture and color to add dimension to the space,” adds Soriano.

To evoke a modern feel, add low-backed chairs with cushions in the colors of grey, blue or green so that they pop against light-colored walls. You can also play with cushions made from fabrics like linen or velvet for a touch of coziness to your den.

When it comes to wood flooring styles, you want a floor design that adds depth and character to your space. From its ability to deliver texture to a room to its modern appeal and functional nature, wood can be the focus of your home or the backdrop to your life.

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