In The Mood To Gallery Hop? 7 Contemporary Art Destinations In Manila To Explore In The Mood To Gallery Hop? Explore 7 Contemporary Art Destinations In Manila

In The Mood To Gallery Hop? 7 Contemporary Art Destinations In Manila To Explore

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For your much-needed dose of contemporary art.

Bars, restaurants, parties, and concerts—all of these weekend activities are well and good, but aren’t you craving a little more creativity these days? It’s been said that galleries are the beating heart of the art world. If that’s the case, contemporary art is one of the many visual languages that make gallery-hopping worthwhile. Diverse and eclectic, contemporary art consists of a very impressive line-up of creatives thinking outside of the box. Here are seven art galleries in the Philippines for your much-needed art fix. 

Finale Art File

Finale Art File has an impressive line-up of artists including renowned artists Roberto Chabet, Ramon Orlina, and Romulo Olazo. The diverse gallery, located in Pasong Tamo, Makati, is composed of three multi-functional galleries called the Tall Gallery, the Upstairs Gallery, and the Video Room Gallery. With large-scale installations that traverse the entirety of the gallery to thoughtfully curated exhibitions, Finale Art File brings to light its open-mindedness to experimentation. A destination for both up-and-coming young artists and modern masters, Finale Art File makes diversity and accessibility an integral part of showcasing art. 

Museum of Contemporary Art & Design (MCAD) 

The Museum of Contemporary Art and Design (MCAD) is a non-profit institution located at De La Salle’s College of Saint Benilde. A captivating architectural site designed by esteemed architect Ed Calma, MCAD is both an international contemporary art museum and gallery space. Where technology, new media, and artistic processes meet, the establishment embodies a space that brings cultural and art-inspired endeavors to life. Innovative and inclusive, its internationally-designed program combined with its ever-widening educational program offer a unique experience to each and every art enthusiast.   

Drawing Room 

In 1998, The Drawing Room was merely a specialist venue revitalizing works on paper. It has since become a distinguished gallery housing a myriad of artists of different mediums. With each distinctive exhibition, Drawing Room sheds light on the allure of deepening the gallery-artist relationship. This can be seen through their thought-provoking pieces and impactful exhibitions. Aside from regular exhibitions in Makati City, The Drawing Room circulates its artists off-site to establishments in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, Jakarta, New York, and Paris. 


Through showcasing various disciplines of art including sculpture, painting, pottery, installation, multimedia, and performances, Artinformal highlights the importance of creative exchange. Bringing art closer to the community through exhibitions and education, the Makati-based gallery continuously promotes Filipino artists throughout Asia. Actively contributing to putting the Philippines on the map as the next art destination, the gallery creates contemplative spaces for visitors to immerse themselves in. 

Underground Gallery

Discover the unconventional, vanguard, and eccentric at Underground Gallery, tucked in an old building in Makati. Each exhibition held at the venue is a reflection of the times and is distinct from one another.  The owner, Manny de Castro, was inspired by an iconic line by The Jam that goes, “but I want nothing this society’s got.” With a proclivity for riskier ideas and concepts, the establishment welcomes a versatile and riveting roster of artists.  

Gravity Art Space

Gravity Art Space identifies itself with the word “gravity,” an all-encompassing term that references the weight it grants to artistic process and collaborative relationships. With a multitalented community of artists, art workers, and art aficionados, the gallery stretches beyond a mere cultural hub to a transformative art enclave. This multifaceted Quezon City space becomes the go-to destination for productive discussion, contemplative exhibitions, and newfound discoveries in art. 

Galerie Stephanie

Founded in 2007, Galerie Stephanie garnered a hefty following among art collectors and contemporary artists alike. Beginning as an establishment focused on modernists, established local artists, and emerging young artists, the Shangri-La Plaza-locale pushed the envelope and transitioned into taking a more off-beat approach to exhibitions. With artists such as Farley del Rosario, Renz Baluyot, and Mister Sasquatch at the helm, Galerie Stephanie showcases the rigor of Filipino art at the international stage, having participated in multiple countries such as Jakarta, Singapore, Taiwan, Singapore, and Germany.

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