How To Plan Your Wedding, According To Devanshi Patel

Planning a Wedding? This is the Timeline to Follow, According to a Celebrity Wedding Planner

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Everything you need to ensure that you are in control of your wedding prep, and not the other way

First comes the proposal, and then comes the real million-dollar question: how much time is actually needed for planning a wedding? On the big day, you’ll probably find yourself wishing for just that one extra month to get more things in place but this is where celebrity wedding planners would like to politely demur.

Devanshi Patel, who organised Hardik Pandya’s nuptials, believes that couples require a minimum of one year to plan the wedding of their dreams. “Some people manage to organise their weddings effectively in as little as six to eight months, while others have even done so in only two. Depending on your preferences and circumstances, the best timeframe is between six and eight months as this flexibility in time enables better customisation of the wedding preparations,” the founder of Shreem Events observes.

While dates and budgets are being finalised, Patel recommends placing emphasis on pre-meetings to understand each other’s preferences for generating original ideas accordingly. “This allows for a methodical planning process, guaranteeing that every aspect—from vendor coordination to logistics—can be thoroughly planned and carried out. Additionally, it allows for flexibility, enabling changes in response to the couple’s evolving vision as the wedding day draws near,” she adds.

For those looking to make the road to the altar a seamless one, she shares a handy blueprint to follow in the months leading up to the big day:

8-12 months before the wedding

Key decisions should be made during this period and the priorities should include finalising vendors, especially the wedding planner and venue, and establishing a budget. It’s crucial to secure bookings for high-demand vendors like photographers and makeup artists, as their availability can diminish rapidly.

5-6 months before the wedding

Around this period, it is necessary to focus on several key tasks. Start selecting your wedding outfits, planning the ceremony details and sending out those all-important save-the-date cards. Informing friends and loved ones about your upcoming celebration ensures they can mark the date on their calendars and be part of your special day.

4 months before the wedding

This is the time to delve into the finer details, such as planning for decor, entertainment and transportation. Pay close attention to minute details like RSVP monitoring and creating a thorough hospitality and logistical strategy. Additionally, coordinate room reservations for confirmed visitors and inform the selected hotels of your plans.

3 months before the wedding

It is now time to savour the delightful task of cocktail tasting and finalising your menu choices. Simultaneously, you can revisit and fine-tune your decor preferences, ensuring every element aligns with your vision for the day. During this time, you have the chance to add the finishing touches that will make your wedding reception unique, including both gastronomic treats and aesthetic accents.

2 months before the wedding

You will now want to get down to the nitty-gritty of scheduling, show running and creating show flows. Hold team meetings to iron out the small details, particularly with regard to your dining table arrangement, personalisation and gifting processes. To ensure that your guests have a memorable and delightful experience at your wedding, think about the mood you want to create.

1 month before the wedding

This is the time to prioritise self-care. Aim to reduce stress and stay relaxed, savouring the small moments as you prepare for the big day. Whether you’re packing for the wedding, planning a move or getting ready for your honeymoon, it’s essential to find a balance that allows you to fully enjoy this special time in your life. Taking care of yourself ensures you’re in the best mindset to savour every moment during this significant period.

2 weeks before the wedding

It’s crucial to have a detailed discussion with your planner. Going through the comprehensive flow of the entire wedding is essential, allowing the planner to ensure that all trains are running on time and there aren’t any last-minute hiccups in the process.

Once the ceremony begins

Take a deep breath and fully savour the moment. After months of planning, trust in the planner and the preparation put in place. This is your time to relax and trust that everything will unfold seamlessly, as you immerse yourself in this special day.

After the wedding

It’s essential to send out thank-you notes or messages to show appreciation to all who attended or contributed. Additionally, sharing photo links from the event with everyone is a thoughtful gesture, allowing guests to relive the special day. These small acts of gratitude help in maintaining the warmth and goodwill generated during the wedding, strengthening relationships with friends and family.

This article was originally published on Vogue India.

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