New Year’s Resolutions From Filipino Creatives In The Fashion Industry

Hunter Abrams | @hunterabrams

Hunter Abrams | @hunterabrams

As we usher in 2023, seven Filipinos from various fields in the fashion industry share their hopes and goals for the coming year.

Vogue Philippines speaks to a variety of creatives from all over the local fashion scene—from designers to photographers and brand owners—and asks what their new year’s resolutions are. Each of their answers, from lifestyle promises to career goals, speaks about the zeitgeist of 2023. 

Courtesy of Mark Nicdao

Mark Nicdao

Photographer and artist

“My Resolution is to have more quiet time, do some mental exercises and stop procrastinating too much.”

CARL JAN CRUZ Cream pique dastee and stripe pique, Birch Shyorts. Jake Versoza

Carl Jan Cruz

Fashion designer 

“To dance more!”

Rozen Antonio

Michael Cinco

Fashion designer

“My New Year’s resolution for 2023 is to spend less and prioritize self-care. I need to focus more on my creative side and this time I wanna embrace technology so I can carve out more time for creativity.

I want to create collaborative projects with other artists and creative people to be inspired and stay energized throughout the year. I want to cater [to] a diverse range of clients all over the world and I wish [for] the fashion world to be more inclusive where everyone appreciates each other. I wish to see more beauty and less tragedies this year.”

Daniel Tan

Mich Dulce

Fashion designer, milliner, corsetier

“I have a few new years resolutions — get fit and eat better, get a routine set and be better at time management, work on more creative projects, build my social enterprise and launch all the lines I’ve been dreaming of this year!”

Paulina Paige Ortega

Creative director and designer, co-Founder of Recess

“I’m someone who tends to have a very packed schedule. Most days, I live and breathe by Google Cal. While I make it a priority to set time aside for daily meditation, long dinners, exercise, and leisure, I often it challenging to really switch off unless I’m on actual holiday.

This year, I want to learn to enjoy rest. My resolution is to grow my understanding of it. Instead of looking at it as time that’s “taking away from doing” I want to get to the place where I view rest as something I’m creating for myself—something that’s adding to my life rather than taking away from it. I want to learn to view it not just as a period to “recharge” (i.e. pause now, so I can do more later), my intention is to enjoy rest in and of itself. Terrifying, but exciting.”

Cara Limjap

Founder and creative director, Halo-Halo

“No more saving pieces to wear for special occasions, any day is an occasion! I have a dozen pieces which I just store in my closet waiting for the right moment to wear them. I want to create the moment for the special pieces for more everyday magic.”

Vince Uy

Creative Director, Co Studios

 “I adore ceramics and have been wanting to learn pottery for quite some time. This year, I plan to finally have a go at it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to create my own dinnerware and some home decors as well!”

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