Capturing Stillness Through Movement: A Glimpse Into The Work Of Photographer Edgar Berg

Capturing Stillness Through Movement: A Glimpse Into The Work Of Photographer Edgar Berg

Courtesy of Edgar Berg

The German-Filipino photographer behind the frames of Vogue Philippines’ cover shoot talks about his process.

A common observation about Edgar Berg’s pictures is that his models often seem to be in between moments of dance or breaths rather than poses. The German-Filipino photographer has a way of creating fantastical images that transport viewers to surreal scenes while evoking a sense of motion or action. 

“The most important part of the shoot,” he explains, “Is to slowly build a genuine and honest connection with the talent. Mutual trust is essential to bring my vision to life.”

Berg is the Paris-based creative behind the lens of Vogue Philippines’ latest cover with rising tennis star Alex Eala.

A quick peek at his social media profiles will reveal quite an impressive portfolio. Berg is undoubtedly an active force within the fields of photography and fashion, shooting for international publications and brands. This, while pursuing his own personal projects and advocacies

He tells us that his work often centers on the connection between human beings, nature, and movement. Though he was always intrigued by the field of design, his journey into photography was not a direct path. 

“I was always interested in visual arts and started experimenting with graphic and web design around the early age of 12,” Berg continues. “My curiosity would let me explore different fields such as film, CGI, motion design, etc.”

Eventually, the budding creative found himself studying communication design in Paris while working as a designer in a motion picture agency. On his daily commute to work, something about what he calls the “timeless and magical” Parisian streets inspired him to pick up a camera. Like countless famed artists in the past, Paris became the birthplace and instigator of his craft. 

These days, Berg has become adept in his own unique style of shooting. Though often tapped by fashion brands and magazines, the photographer prefers to put storytelling at the forefront, and let clothes enhance the narrative. 

Berg prefers not to stagnate in his style, and says, “I see myself going back and forth between different periods of my photography which helps keep it fresh and alive.” 

The one constant, he tells us, is the invisible yet intimate bond you develop with your subjects. That he found on the set of the magazine’s cover shoot with junior Grand Slam winner Eala. 

FUMITO GANRYU sweater, JW ANDERSON dress, NIKE socks, MARTINE ROSE X NIKE shoes. Edgar Berg

“I hardly ever have such young and talented athletes in front of my camera,” Berg says of the 17-year-old, whose parents came with her on set. “It was really amazing to see their full support. My idea was to capture Alex in a natural and casual way rather than the typical ‘sporty’ type.”

For this feat, he and the Vogue Philippines team journeyed to the stunning coast of Mallorca, Spain. Despite being known for its sunny, warm weather, Berg says, “The weather god had other plans for our shoot.” 

The crew dealt with overcast skies, rain, and wind. Despite the added adventure, everyone had fun with the shoot. Keeping true to Berg’s philosophy, the joy translated into each frame, resulting in beautiful images. 

In terms of finding inspiration, Berg has never lost that sense that sparked his journey into photography—the ability to see beauty in one’s surroundings and daily life. 

“May it be a reflection of light across a building or an old man with a hat reading the newspaper in the park that sparks your interest,” he says, “You will be surprised how little details can transform into big ideas.”

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