From Race Tracks To Outer Space: How Travel Inspires and Creates Memories For Global Talents

Courtesy of Rimowa

Courtesy of Rimowa

Through travel, global talents Lewis Hamilton, Kylian Mbappé, Rosé, and Charlie Duke redefine the essence of home and transcend boundaries. 

For world-class talents and professionals around the globe, traveling constantly is part of their job description. Take seven-time British F1 driver Lewis Hamilton, for example. The seven-time F1 world champion travels to different countries throughout the year, to compete on different race tracks along with other F1 drivers. In the football scene, football athlete Kylian Mbappé uses his platform to travel and empower young people globally. Meanwhile, K-pop artist Rosé tours the world and enthralls audiences in sold-out concerts.

Carrying their Rimowa suitcases that are built to last a lifetime, these three incredible talents travel around the globe in pursuit of meaning and inspiration. For Rosé, traveling has expanded her meaning of home. “As traveling has become an essential part of my life, I’ve realized that home has become more of a state of mind than a specific place. It’s a collection of memories, experiences and people that provide a sense of belonging,” she said. 

Courtesy of Rimowa

Hamilton is just as inspired. “I have spent my whole career traveling the world, and those experiences have shaped who I am as both a driver, and a human. It was only through seeing new places and perspectives that I really learned to challenge my way of thinking, and to embrace the endless possibilities that the world holds. Home is where I reflect, but it’s through travel that I’m truly inspired,” he said.

Mbappé shares the same fondness for traveling. “When you travel, you see different types of lives, and you learn a lot. I crossed paths with amazing people that I never thought I would meet in my life,” Mbappé said.

Beyond traveling the globe, incredible talents have also pursued exploring outer space. In 1972, astronaut Charlie Duke served as Apollo 16’s Lunar Module Pilot, making him the 10th and youngest person to ever walk on the moon. The idea of space travel may scare others, but Duke took courage from the equipment they used. “Part of being an astronaut is trusting the equipment you use. We all had great faith in our OMEGA watches, because they were the only timepieces to survive NASA’s tests. The brand is still in space now and will be part of our exploration future. That’s a great testament to their enduring quality,” he said.

Courtesy of OMEGA

As they descended into the Descartes Highlands during their mission, Duke used the Omega Speedmaster as a mechanical backup to the computer that timed the engine burn. According to Duke, having an accurate timepiece was “valuable,” because if the engine burn was one second too long, they would “crash into the Moon.” Aside from walking on the moon, Duke and his fellow Apollo 16 astronaut Commander John Young made their trip more memorable with the “Moon Olympics,” when they attempted to see how high they could leap in one-sixth gravity. Decades before that, space travel was not even a feat imaginable to most people.

From race tracks to outer space, it is evident that traveling isn’t merely a physical movement; it’s an odyssey that reshapes perceptions, sparks innovation, and unites diverse cultures. Exploration continues to propel us forward in our quest for meaning, inspiration, and pursuit of the unknown.

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