These 13 Style Icons Make The Case For Never Changing Your Look |

These 13 Style Icons Make The Case For Never Changing Your Look

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Why fall victim to fashion trends or fads when you can embrace individuality?

What makes style icons, well, iconic? They are people whose fashion sense is instantly recognizable—and entirely unique to them. Over the years, there has been a handful of such celebrities who have proven to be extremely dedicated to their inimitable taste over the years. We’re talking A-listers who have never strayed from their iconic look, keeping away from the hottest fashion trends or looks of the moment in favor of a more individualistic approach to dressing. Why be a victim to passing fads, when you can develop a standard uniform that will stand the test of time?

These celebrities make the case for finding your perfect wardrobe staples and then sticking with them. On the red carpet, for instance, Beyoncé has consistently stuck to her glitzy bodycon gowns; Jennifer Aniston has kept things more minimal, always managing to find the perfect ’90s-style LBD (Her stylish Friends character, Rachel Green, would approve). Other stars have kept bold go-tos in the rotation, such as Grace Jones or Diane Keaton, who rarely step out without a statement hat. 

These fashion plates prove that having a distinct point-of-view reigns supreme—and that, sometimes, it’s best to rebuke rules and to march to the beat of your own drum. Consider them the perfect inspiration points to add to your style mood board this spring. We say it’s time to develop your very own signature look, too.

Below, 13 style icons with enduring taste. 

This article was originally published on Vogue.

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