The Complete Relationship Timeline Of Princess Mary and Prince Frederik of Denmark

The Complete Love Story Of Princess Mary And Prince Frederik Of Denmark

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At the Slip Inn pub in Sydney during the 2000 Olympics, Tasmanian marketing executive Mary Donaldson was enjoying a drink in the busy crowd when she met and shook hands with the Dane—who was visiting the major sporting event with the Danish sailing team—who would one day become her husband.

At the time, little did she know that her new acquaintance was in fact the Crown Prince of Denmark, Frederick. By striking up a romance with him, she had solidified her fate as the future Her Royal Highness, Princess of Denmark—and now, soon to be, Her Majesty, Queen of Denmark.

Of course, much has happened in the relationship between Princess Mary and Prince Frederick over the past 24 years, from that fateful day in Sydney to their upcoming coronation this Monday. From moving to Copenhagen together to wedding, to raising children together and presiding over an entire nation as a couple, the tale of this royal relationship is one for the books.

Ahead, we lay out the complete relationship timeline and love story of the beloved Danish royal couple.

This article was originally published on Vogue Australia.

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