Gala Moments: Siobhan Moylan Stuns At The Red Carpet

Siobhan Moylan Takes An Understated Approach To Red Carpet Style

Siobhan Moylan at the Vogue Philippines Anniversary Gala.

The model makes a case for a new red-carpet style, one that focuses on timeless silhouettes and effortless beauty.

If you think gala attire is solely constricted to over-the-top evening gowns, let Siobhan Moylan prove you otherwise. 

Vogue GalaSiobhan Moylan
Siobhan Moylan wears a black Martin Bautista dress to the Vogue Philippines Anniversary Gala. Photo by Andrea Ang

During the planning of her look for this year’s Vogue Philippines Anniversary Gala, the young model was sure of two things from the beginning: she wanted a dress that was “sleek, sexy, and modern,” and for Martin Bautista to make it. The fashion designer has a longstanding relationship with the model that dates way before she even entered the industry. (Bautista also happened to create Moylan’s senior prom gown.) 

“It’s a full circle moment for us,” Bautista states. “Aside from working together years ago, she also wore a look from my latest collection for her first Vogue Philippines cover.” Moylan was part of a series covers for the magazine’s May edition. 

Siobhan Moylan Vogue Gala
Siobhan Moylan takes a mirror selfie before the Vogue Philippines Anniversary Gala. Photo Courtesy of Siobhan Moylan
Design sketch of Siobhan Moylan’s black Martin Bautista dress. Photo Courtesy of Siobhan Moylan

When “Re-wear” was announced as the official dress code of the night, it felt like destiny for Bautista; his recent 15th anniversary collection showcased reinterpretations of his signature style that took the form of new shapes and unconventional embellishments. 

“There was this garment that I made for my last collection, but it didn’t end up being part of the final runway show,” he says. “So, I deconstructed it, draped this electric pleated French tulle, and played with layers and proportions.

The result? A sheer pleated dress that balances sensuality and elegance. While Moylan was also one of the many who wore black to the event, her dress had a personal connection to Vogue Philippines. “The beautiful sheer fabric on top was featured in the maiden issue. So, we thought it was fitting to wear for the anniversary gala,” Moylan explains. 

Martin Bautista snaps a photo of Siobhan Moylan’s dress. Photo Courtesy of Siobhan Moylan
Siobhan Moylan
Siobhan Moylan’s earrings for the Vogue Philippines Anniversary Gala. Photo Courtesy of Siobhan Moylan

To complement the dress, makeup and hair stylist Zidjian Paul took inspiration from the Gucci by Tom Ford Spring 1996 runway. “I always like to go for an undone route for Siobhan because her natural beauty just carries it so well,” he says.

Siobhan Moylan
Closeup shot of Siobhan Moylan’s foundation-free makeup look. Photo by Zidjian Paul
Siobhan Moylan
Siobhan Moylan’s Vogue Philippines Anniversary Gala makeup look. Photo by Zidjian Paul

For a luminous base that doesn’t need a drop of foundation like the model’s, Paul recommends a thorough skincare prep. “First, I pat the La Mer Treatment lotion on a clean face to help energize the skin. I then layer on their Regenerating Serum and the Eye Concentrate. Lastly, I mix the Renewal Oil and Creme de La Mer, and gently massage that into her skin.” he explains. A dab of concealer and a pat of Sunnies Face The Powder to mattify the right spots finished the look. 

“It’s ultra-feminine and effortless,” Bautista says about the overall look. “It allows Siobhan’s natural beauty to be the focus.”

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