A Bag, A Bonnet, A Bouquet Wrap In One

Photo by Renzo Navarro. Courtesy of Sassa Jimenez

Sassa Jimenez and Designer Blooms unveil Bloom Wraps, a collection of sustainable scrunches and wraps that offer a surprising number of uses. 

A garment with an accent of utility or versatility is inherently sustainable. When a jacket is reversible, or you can wear it as a skirt, it gives the wearer a world of possibilities: endless uses, and the opportunity to give your outfit a fresh take with each use. 

The word “multi-purpose” might conjure something considered more gorp-core than anything else—maybe a reversible parka or a pair of pants that convert into shorts. It’s rarely associated with flounce, frills, and ties, and it may be because it’s uncharted territory.

That was, until designer Sassa Jimenez, known for her signature feminine, free-flowing silhouettes, unveiled Bloom Wraps, a collaboration with flower shop Designer Blooms. The limited collection offers functional scrunches and wraps that can be worn in a variety of ways, or can simply be used as an elevated vessel to carry home some newly purchased blooms. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, made from retaso or deadstock fabrics.

Multi-functional Beauties

Jimenez and Designer Blooms offer two styles: The Scrunch and The Wrap. Their functions are as stated: meant to swathe flowers (or the body) in tiered ruffles and ties. While these designs are suitable for an effortlessly fashionable day at the Farmer’s Market, they can be used in a variety of other ways, too. 

Wear the Scrunch or the Wrap according to mood: as a top, effortlessly draped or tied up, as a bonnet, or as a bag—if not for a bouquet, then for a baguette. Jimenez even styles it as a superb statement sleeve, allowing any outfit a good amount of whimsical asymmetry.

Photo by Renzo Navarro. Courtesy of Sassa Jimenez

“This was a nice exercise on innovative design that still appeals to our customers,” Jimenez shares with Vogue Philippines. “My team and I were really focused on making it look pretty as well as making sure it was reusable. We really enjoyed giving life to fabric that’s been in our archive.”

As ties function to give the garment new shape and volume, the possibilities go as far as you’d let your imagination run. As stated on the Designer Blooms website, the Bloom Wraps are “whatever you want it to be.” The designs’ functionality makes them sustainable, but, of course, they are made out of recycled materials as well.

And retaso isn’t completely unromantic; in signature Sassa Jimenez fashion, the fabrics are light and airy, coming in vivid hues or soft patterns as far as stocks run.

Sassa Jimenez x Designer Blooms’ Bloom Wraps are available for a limited time at

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