From Gold Masks To Fitness Trackers, Here’s Our Wellness Wishlist

From Gold Masks To Fitness Trackers, Here’s Our Wellness Wishlist

Charles Lu

Charles Lu

Acts of well-being to improve how you think and feel.

The festive season, no matter how merry, can also be a source of high stress. Just the though of packed airports, malls, and highways is enough to cause cortisol levels to shoot up in many people. Add to that the onslaught of get-togethers and reunions and it’s no wonder some people feel blue during the holidays.

There are some ways to ease these fraught feelings, such as this simple, scientifically proven breathing pattern that helps to calm your mind and body: inhale for four, and exhale for six. You can also add the following: meditate in the morning; draw a bath at night; pamper yourself with Clé de Peau’s Precious Gold Vitality Mask, an antioxidant rich, 24K gold infused mask to recharge fatigued, stressed skin; prioritize your sleep. And while many of these tips are designed to help some people cope, it’s important to note that serious mental health issues require professional help.

Wind Down

Find ways to unwind before bedtime from apps that help you slow down and improve your rest, to a pillow mist or aromatherapy atomizer and the right “props” like a contoured pillow for the optimal sleep position.

Reduce your blue light exposure which stops you from secreting melatonin essential to sleep at least three hours before bed. Make it a habit to wear blue light blocking glasses to combat the effects of your screen time. Lia Bernardo, founder and lead educator of ATMA Prema Wellbeing Group, recommends creating a personal playlist for a total mental reset. Soothe your mind with music.

Make Your Move

Moving your body is also vital to your overall wellness. According to WHO, two and a half to five hours per week of moderate aerobic exercise is ideal. Cristina Holopainen, yoga teacher and co-founder of Maruia River Retreat, mentions regular access to her yoga teacher’s classes online to keep to a disciplined yoga class schedule and be inspired and connected to a teacher who “knows you.” She adds: “For me, I go on the YouTube channel of Urban Ashram Yoga or attend one of our daily online live zoom classes.”

Tool up with wearables like the Apple Watch Hermès or the Gucci x Oura ring bringing fashion, technology, and well-being together. Improve and purify the air you breathe on the go with the portable Medklinn Versa 45. As a simple measure to optimize health pre-pandemic, masks were already worn in Japan, Korea, and Sweden. The sustainable Airinum urban mask with an award-winning design is the perfect balance between protection and comfort.

Take control of your well-being and practice these acts of self-care to feel good. At the top of Cristina’s list is “a wellness clock—one that wakes me up every morning in a gentle way and reminds me to be kind, find joy and focus on what needs to get done and have fun.”

This article was originally published in Vogue Philippines’ November 2022 issue. Subscribe here.

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