How to Get the TikTok-Viral “Fake Dimples” Look

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And all you need is your concealer.

On TikTok, beauty tips and trends of all kinds emerge by the second. So, what’s next after the recent siren eyeliner and sunburn blush phenomenons? That would be “fake dimples.” The concept is quite simple: recreate the small indentations of dimples to complement your facial structure. An adorable characteristic, dimples often tend to soften the face; Jennifer Garner’s or Miranda Kerr’s signature smiles serve as perfect examples. It’s the added warmth and expressiveness that makes dimples so desirable, for beauty addicts especially. But thanks to a new simple trick, which has ignited a wave of enthusiasm on TikTok with nearly 37 million views, anyone can achieve them.

@serenalakkiss Replying to @nella Dimples are the cutest🥺 #insecurities #makeuptrend ♬ Stressed Out – 𓆩♡𓆪

How to Recreate “Fake Dimples”?

This trick is surprisingly simple: you only need concealer to do it. First, find a liquid concealer several shades darker than your natural skin tone. Next, draw two rounded micro-curves on either side of your mouth, where your dimples would naturally be. Once you’ve blended them in with a brush, you’re done! In the spirit of soft contouring, faux dimples simply play off of the shadows of the face, so you can have fun recreating them on the cheeks or chin. The ultimate trick? Accentuate the shadow of the “fake dimples” with a dark lip liner to add depth for an even more natural result.

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