The Bubble Bob Is This Season’s Trending Hairstyle

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There’s a new bob in town, here to lend a touch of polish to your fall look. Meet the “bubble” bob, a silhouette that is emerging as one of the year’s most popular cuts, reflected in increased demand in salons worldwide.

“It’s defined by that ’90s curve, which until recently was a bit of a no-no, plus it also has a little bit of bounce to it,” explains the London-based hairstylist Luke Hersheson, who came up with the moniker. “Natalie Portman’s hair in Closer is a great reference, so is Christy Turlington’s ’90s bob.”

Natalie Portman in Closer. © Columbia Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

A curvaceous shape paired with ends that curve underneath are the hallmarks of a good bubble bob. It’s a style that’s flattering on most face shapes because of its length: “It sits in that space between the shoulders and the chin,” Hersheson says. Somewhere within that gap, there is typically a length for everyone.

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Lived-in hairstyles have reigned supreme for what seems like forever, so the bubble bob represents a glamorous departure from this aesthetic. While an undone bob will always have its place, those that prefer a more refined look will love the more luxurious-looking bubble. “It’s really important to note how it’s styled—the texture is a key part of this look,” says Hersheson. “Think a classic, old-school, super smooth blow dry, that’s slightly curved under.” He recommends using a Hersheson’s Round Brush to achieve the look at home.

Like the hush cut, another big hair trend this year, the bubble bob is lightweight and full of movement. “It’s cut with an invisible layer, so there’s less weight to it,” Hersheson says. “It’s important that it doesn’t look too graphic, it’s more of an early Noughties look.” The hairstyle is ultra chic and looks next-level good with fresh skin and minimal make-up—our love for this bubble shows no signs of bursting.

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