Passing The Torch: A Celebration of Inspiring People Who Train, Mentor, and Shape Athletes

Whether sprinting on a track, performing acrobatic moves, racing cars, or lifting impossible looking weights, athletes push the boundaries of what the human body can achieve. But behind their impressive feats are the people who come before them: the mentors and coaches who guide and motivate them to transcend their physical limits.

A coach’s support can be the difference between giving up and giving it one more try. With every early morning practice and late-night strategy session, it’s their voices that echo in an athlete’s mind, urging them to keep striving.

As the 2024 Olympics approaches, Vogue Philippines is inviting readers to share stories of inspiring people who train, mentor, and shape athletes.

If you know anyone who is worthy of being nominated, submit to Vogue PhilippinesPassing The Torch project to help us tell their stories.

To nominate them, please complete this form, citing their name and the place that your nominee is based in, and write a recommended 350-800 words on why they inspire you. This person does not need to be famous or widely known; they can be based in the Philippines, be of any background and culture, and be of any age.

Complete and send your submission before the deadline of June 20, 2024. Successful nominations will be notified and chosen entries will be edited, published, and shared on and official Vogue Philippines social media channels.