December 2022

The Power Of Influence With Anne Curtis

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“Influence means being able to use your platform to do good.”

What does it mean to be influential? Nowadays, the most powerful influences are inspiring individuals with the ability to grow their following with their personal magnetism. In both the physical and virtual worlds, Anne Curtis is at the helm of this top-down phenomenon. 

“She has something in her that really makes people want to follow her life, what she’s doing, and what she stands for,” saysVogue Philippines’ fashion director Pam Quiñones. Taking the notion of influence to unprecedented heights, Curtis is a cultural icon in the Philippines, using authenticity as a driving force.

With her being Filipino as part of her core, she has an undeniable essence of who she is. This while also respecting and being proud of the Australian half of her identity. 

Different platforms

An autonomous creative force, Curtis is a multi-hyphenate—an entrepreneur, author, and actor all-in-one.

Her time in the spotlight began when, as a 12 year old, was approached by a modeling scout. With TV roles in wildly successful and long running dramas and variety shows, Curtis has become a household name in the film industry. Known as the “multimedia superstar,” Anne is also a singer with several sold-out concerts under her belt.

When she’s not under the spotlight, the Filipino-Australian actor wields her power of influence to create a positive impact. As a UNICEF Celebrity Advocate for Children, Curtis uses her platform to raise awareness on the rights of children. Not only that, but through her philanthropic work she even dabbled in writing, releasing her own book Anita the Duckling Diva—a children’s book that helps the youth overcome bullying and find self-confidence. 

Apart from these, she’s also forayed into fashion with activewear line Recess and Tili Dahli.

Authentic selves 

Beneath the surface of her endless likes and follows, Curtis breaks down the digital barrier by giving followers an honest glimpse into her life. 

She recently even took a two-year hiatus to focus on motherhood. Upon her return, the star continues to have a profound respect for leading an authentic life.

“Having Anne on the cover reinforces the fact that there’s an [empowering] woman that many people aspire to be [who they can] truly resonate with,” says Quiñones. 

Curtis sheds light on the humane aspect of digital interactions through transparency and meaningful conversations on her platform. “Anne tells the people you can be who you are [and] you can be Filipino by embracing your roots—whether you’re full Filipino or half,” concludes Quiñones.

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